Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ukraine: the Land of Terror

The 'Revolution of Dignity' shows its real face.

Yesterday they killed a famous MP and party of Regions member Oleg Kalashnikov.

Oles' Alekseevich Buzina (Олесь Алексеевич Бузина), 13.08.1969, Kiev — 16.04.2015, Kiev.
Today they killed a prominent journalist Oles' Buzina, who also had enough courage to have his own opinion. Hypocritical Western media call him 'pro-Russian', but this is just cold-war-esque propaganda. Oles' Buzina was a true patriot of Ukraine, thus he was against bloodshed, against coup d'état in Kiev, and for tight and friendly relations between Ukraine and Russia.

May you rest in peace, Oles.

We all hope Ukraine will heal itself, and your books will be a great assistance in this slow and painful way, the way to mental health.

PS: I wonder where are all these liberal and democratic "JesuisBuzina" and the like activity. Looks like they don't feel the freedom of speech is fpr all...


More Problems to Bullshit

Good news: following Russia, "Child 44" is banned in Belorussia and Kyrgyzstan as well.

Bullshit becomes bad business.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Child 44: Bullshit Banned

The day after tomorrow "Child 44" should start worldwide and in Russia. In Russia, it won't.

I am sincerely satisfied with such a decision of Central Partnership distribution company. We have no need to see this bullshit.

I wrote about this film in January.

But it's not just a tall tale. It's not just a fruit of Tom Rob Smith ill imagination. It's worse.

In fact, it's an act of decades long Russophobic campaign of dehumanization of Russia/USSR. It's not just a fiction; it's an act of information war. And an offence, which I take to my account as well, as it is an offence to my country.

I feel myself obliged to go a bit deeper so that my feeling was understood better.

I see that Mr. Tom Rob Smith tries to describe the Soviet life of early 1950-s with all the black paint he can find in... the Western history.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

54 Years of Space Age

It was on April 12, 1961, that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics opened the age of manned space exploration. Just 3,5 years after it launched the first Sputnik.

Thousands people remember the day alike:
We were sitting in classroom, when school administrator run in and cried: "Switch on the radio! Man in space!"
The day became a spontaneous day off, day of celebration of the great, but already expected achievment.

Time cover of April 1961, devoted to Yuri Gagarin's first space flight. 

Yuir Gagarin in the cabin of Vostok space ship during preflight check.
Gagarin in Vostok's cabin
during preflight checks before takeoff.
Not that I am going to say that the Time lied; but it was surely not fully correct. And the matter is not the space suit invented by the magazine cover's artist.

Just like the USSR was more than Russia (which was the biggest and, say, the first among the equal, but nevertheless one of fifteen Soviet republics), so Gagarin was more than Russia's. He was surely Russian; bu first of all he was Soviet. He was a young, exemplary Soviet man. Surely, a Communist party member.

What is the most important and impressive about this day, is that the invincible power of Soviet rocket science put Yuri into space less than 16 years after the USSR survived he most devastating and exhausting war in history.

This is one of those true miracles the Soviet history showed to the world.

I feel a great pity for all those who were afraid of its successes. That is, victims of traditional Russophobic propaganda war that is still carried on.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

... But the Elefant Is Going

More than 200 years ago, in 1808, our famous Russian fable writer Ivan Krylov wrote one of his masterpieces generations of Russian people have been learning in school by heart. So did my grandparents and parents, so did I and my wife, so did my children, and I hope my future grandchildren will do.

That is, "Elephant and Pug".
     Along the streets Big Elephant was led,
        To show him off, most likely.
Since Elephants are not a common thing to see
   A crowd of gapers followed on his heels.
All of a sudden Pug springs up in front of them.
And seeing Elephant, it raises a great rumpus,
     It lunges, barks and howls
     And does its best to pick a quarrel.
     'Hey neighbor, stop the fuss,'
A mutt intones, 'You? Deal with Elephant?
Look at you barking yourself hoarse, and he just strolls
An image from the film stripe "Elephant and Pug" (USSR, 1986).
An image from a Soviet time film strip
"Elephant and Mug" (1986)
And doesn't care one bit about your noise.'
     'Ho ho!' Pug says,
   'That's just what I enjoy,
        Since I can be a real tough guy
   Without a single blow or bruise.
     That way, the other dogs will say:

     To bark at Elephant this Pug
        Must be a real strong mug!'

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Long Hands of KGB

Some unknown hackers did a nice job on March 31, 2015. They broke into web site of the Lihuanian Genocide* and Resistance Research Centre and added some documents from the file of agent Magnolia. That is, Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Lithuania.

Photo copy of a document of 1982 that, if real, can be regarded as a proof of Dalia Grybauskaite's cooperation with KGB.In fact, there were plenty of rumours regarding her father's cooperation with NKVD (Stalin's age title of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), and her own being an agent of KGB. Surely, she and her office has always commented these rumours as false and provocative.

Finally, there are documents. At leas the one that I copied.
[Left upper corner, so called 'corner stamp']
(Coat of arms of the USSR)
USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs
of the Executive Committee
of the Leningrad City Council
of People's Deputies
At May 31, 1982  [Outgoing] No. D/Z-1551
Direction of Militia's** Special Service
[Right upper corner, address part]
Copy No. 1
City of Leningrad
To V.N. Filinov (the 5th and 6th Cyrillic letters are hardly legible)
(Signature is illegible)
June 11, 1982
[Main body]
This is to inform you that on May 22, 1982, at 22:40 in the bar of "Pribaltiyskaya" hotel, men of the special department of the Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs of the city of Leningrad as a result of documents check determined citizen Gribauskayte Dalya Polikarpo, born on March 01, 1956, born in the city of Vilnius of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, who presented a student's ID No. 775343 of a sudent of the evening (part-time) department of the Leningrad State University named after Zhdanov.