Monday, September 21, 2015

A Good Photo Speaks For Itself

... and a decent short caption just adds on to the already existing power.

By the way, my personal opinion on, say, most of the winning images from the World Press Photo contest is those are often, too often bad images. Just because they need quite a sheet of explanations why the jury did such an unclear choice.

Quite a different — an evident! — story here. A master for a reason descended from heaven to talk to his puppet.

And it would be a pure fun, were that master not such a fan of playing with open fire.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shall We Know the Truth?

Having looked through a recent publication in the Busineee Insider, I came to a question I cannot find any answer myself.

Just have a look yourself at those wonderful Stratfor images.

Stratfor image of a Russian cargo plane in Syria, from the BI.

You see, it's almost impossible to hide anything from the powerful space eyes.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Meet Our Cosmonauts in London!

And don't miss this once-in-a-life chance if you're lucky enough to be in London till March 13, 2016.

Exhibition poster

Story of space exploration is the story of great achievements of the USSR. The Sputnik opened the sapace age on October 4, First ever human in space, Yuri Gagarin, started his exciting travel as a 1st Lieutenant, and landed as a Major of the Soviet Airforce.

Those who will make it to visit the exhibition in the Science Museum, will see:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

... For We Are Russians

We are often told the Russian civilization is in fact a part of the European, Western one. That is, we at all not Asians and shouldn’t look at the East.

In this thesis only one part of the statement is correct: we aren’t Asians.

But from the fact we aren’t Asians doesn’t follow at all that we are Europeans — for we are Russians.

I explain it as one-two-three.

A certain sovereign, Ivan the Great, known also under the number IV and name “the Terrible”*, wrote to the Queen of England approximately so: you, the silly woman, put interests of trade above the state interests, and you are a servant of your merchants.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie

A world-wide known (since January 7, 2015) French caricature magazine Charlie Hebdo has just become a reason for another huge storm. They published a set of images mocking the poor Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi.

Here are the images on the cover and somewhere inside of the recent issue, as they were republished by Morocco World News.

Caricarures from Charlie Hebdo as republished by Morocco World News.

It looks like the sentence "Je ne suis pas Charlie" — which means "I am not Charlie" in French — is one of the most popular in Facebook today.

However, I am 100 per cent sure within the last 8 months the magazine has not changed at all. Neither did people of the species homo sapiens, I am equally sure about that. In fact, I would rather put under question the very definition "sapiens", though it's a topic of another discussion.

I just wonder, how many of those who say today they are not Charlie, 8 months ago claimed they were.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

No Amnesty for Hypocrisy

In their recent news release, the Amnesty International inform about current situation with Syrian refugees.
Refugees in the region
Screenshot of the Amnesty International news release on Syrian refugees.More than 4 million refugees from Syria (95%) are in just five countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt:
  • Lebanon hosts approximately 1.2 million refugees from Syria which amounts to around one in five people in the country
  • Jordan hosts about 650,000 refugees from Syria, which amounts to about 10% of the population
  • Turkey hosts 1.9 million refugees from Syria, more than any other country worldwide
  • Iraq where 3 million people have been internally displaced in the last 18 months hosts 249,463 refugees from Syria
  • Egypt hosts 132,375 refugees from Syria

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

RFE/RL Has Gone Too Far

Today is September 1.

Among many events, that happened in history on this day, it was 11 years ago that a group of terrorists captured hundreds of schoolchildren and some adults oin the town of Beslan (North Ossetia/Russia).

Here is how the RFE/RL, "Radio Svoboda" remembers this bloody event.

Screenshot of RFE/RL Russian publication devoted to Beslan terroristic attack.

The text accompanying a photogallery of Andrey Korolev, is pretty short, just two sentences.
On Septemder, 1 it will be 11 years since terrorists captured hostages in school No. 1 of Beslan (North Ossetia). Three days later as a result of the assault on the school, 314 hostages were killed, including 186 children.