Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Doping Question

Doping is an evident evil that spoils the very idea of the Olympic movement, sport and fair play.

No doubt.


Here's the recent announcement on the matter.

Can anyone explain in plain words: how comes that Olympic tests of 2012 show doping only on 2016?

Four years is WAY more than enough to add any shit into vials. And we know that any vial can contain any kind of bullshit, Colin Powell is a great proof of that.

Some questions arise.

How can one trust those slowpokes in the 21st century?

How comes that Olympic results of 1896 are still undisputed?

For how long is the world going to get along with this shit?

Friday, July 01, 2016

Russophobia Kills

So do (sometimes) human rights activists.

When they become liberal idiots (and as such, surely Russophobic).

6 years ago the Amnesty Int'l reached their purpose: Ahmed 'One-Arm' Chataev was released, he escaped "an unfair trial" and "risk of torture and other ill-treatment" in that Evil Empire. FSB (or KGB, who cares) controlled Russia was shown her place once again. Interestingly enough, then in Ukraine the man was supported also by Stepan Bandera's Trizub ("trident") — the Banderite (=Nazi) movement that later became the core of the so called Right Sector uniting ultra radical Nazis of Ukraine.

Later this Chechen man was arrested in Bulgaria, and released again. Just to be later arrested in Georgia — though, with the very same result. Initially, it was Austria that awarded him with a refugee status back in 2003, when he made it to escape from Russia. He was caught in Sweden with some illegal handguns in 2008 and was even imprisoned for a year; but kept his respected anti-Russian refugee status.

But when you are playing with matches, a fire and burns shouldn't surprise you.

The thread has come to its end; Ahmed Chataev thankfully to his right defenders arranged the terroristic attack in Istanbul airport that took lives of dozens.

They are killed by Russophobia, so readily supported by the Amnesty Int'l.

They would be alive and kicking, if that FSB request was duly executed years ago.

Russophobia kills.

PS: Thanks to historian Alexander Dyukov for the idea.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Proud Father - 3

Being Russian, I am just as proud with my children as  any father in the world can be.

On June 15 my younger son turned 18. That means, for us Russians, he reached the full age.

I was unbelievably happy to see the congratulation prepared by his team.

I say even more: I am happy he has a team that can do such a congratulation to its member.

Congrats, son! No retreat, no surrender!

I wish you many more big yellowish medals. 

Sing our Anthem as many times as the world allows -- and you reach.

Good luck to you, my proudness, my happiness, my (our) life and future!

EP: the Residence of Hypocrites

Here's what they say (and do):
Scottish MEP's standing ovation in European Parliament
28 June 2016 Last updated at 12:14 BST
A Scottish MEP has received a standing ovation in the European Parliament.
SNP MEP Alyn Smith had asked members to back Scotland's position in the EU.
The response was a standing ovation by many in the chamber.

What do we see here? In plain words we do see a standing ovation, a storm of applause to a separatist claim.

In favour of the supernational state-like structure which the EU is, Mr. Smith stands for a separation of a UK part from the United Kingdom, and the idea is warmly welcomed by the vast majority of the EP members.

Well, I can understand the intention of the EU to have at least a part of the UK as a member, somehow softening the Brexit shock.

I just would like to get a clear answer: does that mean there is a good and acceptable separatism that's worth a standing ovation?

How comes that Scotland coming to (or, for the matter, staying in) the EU is good and deserves a standing ovation of the EP members, and the Crimea and Donbass region coming to Russia is bad and deserves anti-Russian sanctions and Russophobic rhetorics in favour of an openly Banderite (=Nazi) regime of Kiev?

Such a hypocrisy surely can lead to some short-term benefit and profit. But strategically it cannot; and the problem of refugees is just one fair compensation Western Europe is getting for its political approach of the last 25 years, and quite a logical fruit thereof.

Looks like the big West desided to go to hell by all means.

The only problem is our Earth is too small, and if a part of it goes to hell, no other part survives.

We Respect. We Remember. We Hope

You might not speak Russian, however, it won't prevent your enjoying the wonderful 360-degrees video.

Because war speaks one language.

As the country which suffered the true total war unleashed by Hitler, we have sincere and deep respect to all those who fought Nazis, whatever language they spoke and uniform they wore.

Hopefully, the lessons of early 1940s and 1975 will sometimes be learned. We could be allies against evil and for the progress of mankind; that means, so we can in the future, sooner or later.

Sooner is definitely better.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 22: the Day We Never Forget

It was a nice and quiet Sunday morning of June 22, 1941, when Hitler started the most terrible and devastating war our great country ever experienced.

In just days "The Sacred War" became kind of an unofficial anthem of the fighting Soviet people.

Multilingual titles included.

The meaning of the War for us Russians (including Ukrainians and Belorussians, for the matter) is often underestimated by the Westerners.

According to the state statistics (the accounting lasted for decades, and seems unfinished till now), the Hitlerites, their satellites and collaborators intentionally killed 7,420,379 civilians on the occupied territory uf the USSR. More than 1.7 million of Soviet Ostarbeiters died in the 3rd Reich, and 450+ thousands of those who survived, did not return back; the country lost them all. Approximately 4.1 million of civilians died on the occupied territory due to unbearable conditions of the regime installed (hunger, diseases, lack of medical assistance, etc.). Thus, for the USSR the "New Order" cost was at least 13.7 millions of civilians alone.

The war led to a considerable increase of child mortality; extra 1.3 million children born during the War, did not survive it (calculated on the base of death mortality in 1939-1940).

To save the Motherland, 8,668,400 soldiers gave their lives.

Taking into account demographic losses, we come to the unthinkable figure of 26.6 million people — and it's the lowest possible strictly scientific calculation.

This was in fact a genocidal war. Quite possibly, the very collapse of the USSR in 1991 became a postponed consequence of it.

Even now I tend to stand up when hearing the song above — just like the people do in the video, my fingers make fists, and tears come to eyes. And I am a grandson of those who fought and survived the War.

The war we understandanly call the Great Patriotic. And my feeling is that we will never forget it — as long as Russia exists, as long as there are Russians (of all 190+ ethnicities) in Russia.

Monday, April 04, 2016

The BBC Is...

One of a popular chewing gum series was (and probably still is) the "Love is...". Rose bricks with some fruity-juicy flavours, if my memory does not fail me. And those little inserts with funny childish pictures depicting what the love is.

Even such a simple idea became an instrument of propaganda, now — that of tolerance towards sexual minorities.

Can we imagine a big news empire being NOT a propaganda tool? Doubtfully there is one. And surely, the BBC is such a tool.

Some of their publications drew my critical attention; e.g. here, and here.

One of my foreign friends told me that the true meaning of the BBC abbreviation was "the British Bullshit Corporation"; and things show it's not that far from truth.

I just would like to share an opinion of Graham Phillips, a British anti-Fascist and journalist covering the civil war in Ukraine honestly and courageously. Read it, please, it's well worth reading.

BBC – Britain’s Anti-Russian Ministry of Disinformation

Graham asks: The only question for lifetime BBC viewers is, was it ever thus? Has the BBC been lying to me all my life?

Sorry, but it looks like the one and only answer is "Yes", at least when it comes to Russia (or the USSR, for the matter). If not lying directly, then they have been skillfully hiding this or that part of the whole truth.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Look Who's Talking (About Rules)

The last day of March was undoubtedly done (well, at least for me) by Reuters. That is, by Britain's foreign secretary Philip Hammond, with Reuters being just the media that spreads his words around the globe.

Just enjoy what this British politician said recently in Tbilisi, Georgia.
If Russia wants the sanctions lifted, then its course of actions is very clear. It has to comply completely with its obligations under the Minsk agreements.
Such claims always make me to wonder if the claimer needs an urgent assistant of a decent mental specialist. Is it Russia that is responsible for internal political changes in Ukraine, according to the Minsk agreements? If so, you just confirm and approve the fact that Ukraine IS Russia (and it really is, to a very very large extent, though it's a topic of another discussion).
We must not forget that this was an incursion into the sovereign territory of Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea illegally in international law. Of course, reforms and steps are needed on the Ukrainian side as well. But we should never equate the two. Russia is the aggressor in this conflict.
Philip Hammond is a liar and provocateur in these words of him. And the reason for my straightforward statement is pretty simple: just because the Crimea was reincorporated to Russia in an absolutely legal and UN-confirmed way, the next day it declared independence of the mainland Ukraine. And the autonomous region was fully entitled to do that according to the international law.

And the one and only aggressor in this conflict, skillfully orchestrated by the US-lead forces and being a severe civil conflict, virtually a full-scale civil war by its nature, is West-supported Kiev government that came to power as a result of the US- and EU-supported coup d'état. It was Kiev regime that unleashed a campaign of state terrorism hypocritically called 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' against those Ukrainian people who opposed the coup based on openly Nazi, Banderite ideology.

Just like it was in the bloody history of the 20th century, Nazism does not bother Europe and the US so far it is directed against Russia. Some stupid people in some high armchairs love playing with fire pretending to be omnipotent political gods. Unfortunately, these games are always paid by lives, lives of common people, and not by those of black-tied high-ranked scum that forgets pride is a deadly sin.
Russia ignores the norms of international conduct and breaks the rules of the international system. That represents a challenge and a threat to all of us.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Save Breedlove

The Independent has offered quite a piece of reading: "Nato commander calls for return to service of U-2 spy plane to help conduct surveillance on a resurgent Russia".

Well, I am not going to discuss the evident fact of Russia being resurgent; I'm rather into another evident fact: this is an insufferable event for some of the big guys around there, and Philip Breedlove is not an exception.

The very idea of bringing back U-2 for surveillance over Russia sounds as kind of a mental diagnosis to a formerly brave US fighter pilot and presently NATO supreme allied commander, who is to step down this spring.

56 year ago, on May 1, 1960 a U-2 did a great service in breaking US-USSR relations; Gary Powers did not commit suicide... Surely, for the US military those were good old times and bright hopes; a great war seemed to be round the corner. Luckily, then, in the sixties, big guys succeeded to overcome all crises and kept the strategic peace till now (I am not talking about local wars; those bloodsheds did not threaten the very existence of life on Earth).

Now, in 2016, the Breedlove's idea is not only desperately outdated; it puts under question the very ability of the high-ranked military to perceive reality adequately.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mogherini’s Tear and Milica Rakić

The following text wrote recently my Facebook friend Eva Merkuryeva (link below). I couldn't write it better, so my conribution is translation.

It was exactly 17 years ago that 14 NATO countries brought democracy and freedom to the country of this little girl. 78 days of democratization…

And when splinters of a democratic shell hit the house of this girl — Milica Rakić — none of European officials in Brussels cried.

Milica Rakić (1996—1999), one of the victims of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia.
The democratic air force included 10 planes from Belgium; 42 airplanes from Italy (the homeland of crying Federica Mogherini) brought to Yugoslavia democratic bombs as well, and the total of 559 airplanes participating in the operation “Allied Force” used Italian air bases.

To celebrate freedom and democracy, the American and European “democratizers” decided to destroy the country of this child and to kill her personally.

Fighting back tears following the Brussels terrorist attacks, Europe's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini abruptly walked out of a news conference in Jordan saying 'today is a difficult day'. Image source.
Therefore the tears of the EU High Representative for foreign affairs and a security policy are those of a crocodile. You should cry when Yugoslavia was bombed. Now, after those terroristic attacks in Brussels, Mogherini’s tears are tears for the security policy which does not exist in Europe any more. And the European officials do not see or rather pretend they do not see the direct cause-effect relationship between local wars and colour revolutions supported warmly by Europe, and the present lack of European security.

All those common people drawing hearts on asphalt of European squares are hostages of that “security policy”. Nobody guarantees them safety. The only thing guaranteed is crocodile tears.

Mogherini considers it is necessary to stop the war in Syria for security. However, she hasn’t spelled a word they shouldn’t even start “democratizing” Syria in 2011.

The terroristic attacks are a direct consequence of that “democratization”; interventions in life of other people; transformation of other countries into ruins and destruction of histories that differ.

If Yugoslavia existed today on the map, if peaceful cities of Syria shone with evening lights, the people who died in Brussels would safely reach their homes, offices, friends...

And three-year-old Milica Rakić, killed with a splinter of a NATO shell, would be twenty now.

Live twenty-year-old Milica would be a guarantee of European security policy.

But when Milica was three, Europe killed its security; and went on killing it in the following 17 years.

The original Russian text.