Saturday, January 30, 2016

Should Rhodes Stay?

The BBC informs, Oriel College at Oxford University for some reasons decided to keep the statue of Cecil Rhodes on its building.

Reuters image from the BBC publication.

This decision is strongly opposed by "Rodes Must Fall" campaigners. THis campaign succeeded in South Africa, where a Rhodes statue was removed. The idea was adopted in Oxford by activists students insisting that Rhodes' views were incompatible with the modern 'inclusive culture'.

I have no doubt his views are incompatible. How could we expect it other way, talking about a British imperialistic (and as such, surely white) politician of 19th century?

The matter is that history was just the way it was. One can remove a statue, but no one can change history. History is to be studied, its lessons are to help us here, today, avoid mistakes of the past, and find better ways to future that is supposed to be better than the present and way better than the past.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Human Odessa Cries: Set Vladimir Grubnik Free!

Address of Odessa Human Rights Activists
Concerning Surgeon Vladimir Grubnik
Arrested by the SBU on a Charge of Terrorism

Here goes the full transcript of what the girl says in Russian.

Human rights activists of the city of Odessa are pledging to spread around information on the horrible fate of an Odessa local, whose only fault is that he did not accept categorically the anti-human and lawless political regime in the territory of present Ukraine.

The matter is that Vladimir Yuriyevich Grubnik was brutally arrested in Odessa on October 19, 2015. Grubnik is a candidate of medical sciences, a professor of the Odessa National Medical University, a surgeon of the Odessa City Clinical Hospital No. 11, and a member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery.

The Ukrainian authorities charge him with participation in terrorist activity, though he denies this guilt completely. Being arrested, Vladimir was badly beaten; it is visible on photographs, which are attached to the published material. It was followed by methods of physical abuse, content in a punishment cell. At the same time, to the best our knowledge, Vladimir Grubnik has developing symptoms of  tuberculosis, which he suffered before.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

You Are Welcome to Feel Russia

For quite a while, I have never seen such nice videos about my country.

I am happy there are people able to create such decent pieces.

Here, you are welcome to follow Prof. Günter from Stuttgart, Germany. Don't be misled with the Russian title in YouTube; the video is in good English (with some German accent, so far my Russian ear can get it).

Quite a different, but also very impressive travel did Li Feng from Beijing. By the way, her English is surprisingly good.

I understand perfectly well these videos have something to do with advertising and PR.

But this is advertising I like, and the country I love and belong to wholeheartedly.

I just would like to share my feeling so that you feel Russia at least a bit better :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What They Say Putin Said

The current year started with a prominent interview of Vladimir Putin to the German Bild. He spoke to German journalists on January 5.

Here goes the "original" German version. Why did I put the word 'original' in the quotation marks? The answer is pretty simple: it is a German text; that means, a translation of the words our president said to the interviewing staff in Russian.

For those of you, who do not speak or even understand German, the title goes: "Why Did Putin Frighten Merkel With His Dog". And the subtitle below: "Vladimir Putin explains his world: the NATO is agressive, Merkel is earnest, and the Russian Crimea is a God's justice".

You like it or not, that's what the Bild wrote in German.

Being a major German paper, they published the English translation of the interview as well. Here it is.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Totalitarianism Now

For many years all those 'political' words like 'democracy', 'communism', 'totalitarianism', 'dictatorship', etc., are just a matter of verbal play. Those who act in favor of the so called 'Western values' are good guys, 'democracies'. Those who dare to play against or at least their own games, are bad ones, 'totalitarian regimes', 'communists' or 'tyrannies'.

Henceforth, the world has, e.g., Saudi Arabia presiding the UN Human Rights Council. Unfortunately, this is not a circus; this is the Orwellian world we live in.

A gem news came from Denmark. One of the best foreign undergraduates at the Aarhus University Marius Youbi was expelled from Denmark back to his native Cameroon for... working too hard.

His crime was from time to time exceeding by 1.5 hours the weekly limit established for part-time jobs done by foreign students.

Nice. Wasn't that one of the basic values of that 'capitalism dream': work harder to achieve more?

Now they play some more 'democracy' in the form of the 'freedom of speech' and sign a petition to let Youbi stay in the country and finish his education — well, he has just two semesters left on his way to his diploma in electrical engineering.

However, the world will undoubtedly go on calling Denmark a 'democracy', and calling Russia kind of 'resurrecting totalitarianism', and calling Saudi Arabia... oops, you'd better don't give names to this honorable country presiding the UN Human Rights Council.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy New Year from Russia!

To have a good start for this promising year, just a short video from holy mother Russia.

What do you think we Russians do having consumed our daily liter of vodka?

Falling asleep? Nope. Our balalaikas and matryoshkas can wait for a while, but our BEARS cannot wait for us to have a good time together.

Just like this Pavel plays with his brown friend Dima (diminutive for Dmitry).