Monday, November 30, 2015

Daily Routine of Russophobia

You might well hear accusations of the Western media in Russophobia. Yet it's not just some propaganda rhetorics of the Kremlin; it's just the daily routine the Western media follow. A bright example of that has recently appeared in the Huffington Post.

Let's follow the statements of some blonde "world reporter" Charlotte Alfred.
It was the worst aviation disaster in Russian history and the deadliest terrorist attack targeting Russians in over a decade. Yet many Russians know little about the victims of Metrojet Flight 9268.
Russian authorities released the passenger manifest -- which included 209 Russian citizens and at least 25 children -- but their personal stories have not been widely covered in the Russian press.
“It’s shocking in comparison to when tragedies happen in Western countries, when there are photos of the victims and comments on social media,” said Tonia Samsonova. Samsonova is a founder of Russian-language social network The Question and a U.K.-based correspondent for the Echo of Moscow, regarded as Russia's most liberal radio station.
The lack of coverage has repercussions on public perceptions of the tragedy, said Valery Nechay, a Russia-based journalist for the station.
“People become more involved in the story when they know the images and stories, and not just a number -- 224 victims,” he told The WorldPost.
There are just two statements that are 100% correct: it indeed was the worst aviation disaster in the the Soviet and Russian history, and that a passenger manifest was released.

All the other stuff is lies, pure or covered, arrogant or ignorant, does not matter.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why Does NATO Fight for ISIS?

Here is how it happened when the Turks (?) shot down our plane.

It was a thoroughly planned ambush; they knew perfectly what they were doing; for more than an hour (that day only) they waited in the air for an optimal moment to hit and hide.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Russian Means...

... generous and fair; sympathetic and strong.

A technician of Russian airforce at Hmeymim airbase in Syria, writes on bombs:

ЗА НАШИХ => for our people
ЗА ПАРИЖ => for Paris

This is the best and only short messages service ISIS deserves.

This is Russian soul.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Good Question

... Vladimir Pution asked at the UN General Assembly:

As for me, I am sure they do; equally sure am I they will never admit it.

Image source

Thursday, November 19, 2015

History Repeats Itself

The UK government says they are going on providing assisiatnce to the Ukrainian army.
Screenshot of the UK Gov'tal announcement
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon today (19 November) informed Parliament that the UK will provide a £971,000 gifting package as part of our non-lethal support being provided to the UAF.
The equipment being gifted includes 170 large tents, 170 heating units and 600 sets of cold weather clothing...
Well, I am a bit surprised 170 tents + 170 heaters + 600 sets of winter clothes make almost one million pounds. It smells like some guys are making good business. Anyhow, that's what Capitalism is all about; this is nit the point I am going to discuss.

Having read this piece of news, I remembered a story that took place almost exactly a century ago, in 1919. And it was also about the British military assistance to a fighting side in Russia (which Ukraine is just a part of; maybe except for its Western part).

Here is how Major General W.S.Graves of the US Army told that story in his book "America's Siberian Adventure (1918—1920)":
Most of the uniforms for the mobilized Russians were supplied by the British. General Knox stated that one hundred thousand uniforms had been supplied by the British for Kolchak forces. This was partially substantiated by the number of men in the Red Army wearing British uniforms. General Knox was disgusted at the Reds wearing British uniforms and later is re-ported to have said that the British would supply nothing more to Kolchak because everything they supplied reached the Bolsheviks. The men found in the Red Army wearing the British uniforms were the same men, generally speaking, to whom these uniforms were issued when they were with the Kolchak forces. The great mass of these men had no heart for fighting for Kolchak.
The methods used by the Kolchak people to mobilize these Siberians created a resentment not easily removed. They went into the service embittered by fear, not of the enemy, but of their own forces. The result was, as soon as they were armed and equipped they deserted by regiments, battalions, and individually to the Bolsheviks.
We will see how many of the stuff Fallon says about will make its unsurprising way to Novorossia.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life in the Hell of 21st Century

Just one recent photo from Donetsk:

Attn of tax-payers!
In cases of heavy shellings of the Kuybyshevsky District, the tax collection office works till 1 p.m.
It's 2015 round there, people. It's human beings who live there, just like you and me.

But who cares? So far from France...

Putin's Direct Speech on ISIS & Other Matters

Vladimir Putin is one of those whose opinion well deserves being listened to.

It's a real pity when those who are obliged to do so and act correspondingly, do not listen to the voice of reason.

Sometimes it looks like the Americans do not need a lasting peace and fruitfull cooperation of nations worldwide.

Well, in fact we do know the difference between Washington and the Americans. But for how long it will be allowed to lead its crazy policies?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Panfilov's Twenty Eight Men

That's the title of a movie that is rapidly approaching theaters; its premiere is expected early next year. Here goes its official trailer.

Titles are provided in Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian (Latin), Spanish, and Turkish languages.

The movie is devoted to one of the toughest episodes of the WW2 (and, for the matter, the Great Patriotic War, as it was for the USSR, and remains for us its ex-people): defence of Moscow from advancing Hitler troops in October-November, 1941 by men of the 316th Infantry Division under command of Major General Ivan Panfilov.

For the mass bravery and heroism of its men the Division was awarded and became the 8th Guards Infantry Division on November 18, 1941; on that very day its commander was killed by an enemy shelling, and the Division was allowed to bear its legendary commander's name (there were only two Divisions in the Red Army that used names of their former commanders; the other one was named after Vasily Chapaev, a legendary hero of the Civil War).

The legend of the 28 Panfilov's men who stood to death on November 16, 1941 during the small Battle of Dubosekovo, skilfully used (and, for this particular case, evidently exagerrated) by propaganda system, effectively inspired Soviet people to fight and work harder. Anyhow, the Moscow was defended by many true self-sacrificing heroes; the Panfilov's Division alone lost more than 3600 men KIA and 6300 WIA. And the words of political officer Klochkov "Russia is a vast land, yet there is nowhere to retreat — Moscow is behind us!" were not an invention of journalists; it was the call — and the truth — of time. The movie is expected to resemble many thousands of individual and mass heroic acts that allowed our country to survive and win.

What is the most special thing about the movie, was the crowdfunding campaign its team used for financing the project at its initial stage. More than 34.4 millions Rubles were collected; it's not that much money for a movie production (slightly more than 0.5 mil. USD), however it is an unprecedented result for Russia, clearly demonstrating what we Russians would like to see in the theaters.

And the movie promises to become a real boom, as this perfectly made trailer clearly shows.

We will see!

Official web site of the movie

Saturday, November 07, 2015

October Revolution Day and General Graves

Today most Russians celebrate the 98th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution — a brave attempt of some to make the life of all better. In many aspects, it was a great success, and even though the USSR failed early in 1990-s, its collapse had nothing to do with original ideas of common wealth. Old Russian calender was a bit behind of the world; the Bolsheviks adopted the common one in 1918, but the Revolution in Russia was in October, though for the rest of the world it was November 7.

As for today, I would express my sincere gratitude to General Major William Sidney Graves (1865—1940), who was in command of the American troops in Siberia in 1918—1920. His book "America's Siberian Adventure (1918—1920)" is a great evidence of what happened then in the Eastern part of our huge country. And of those 'Whites" who had nothing to do but lose the Russian Civil War, even agerssively supported and backed by foreign powers.

Major General W.S.Graves (1865-1940)

Admiral Kolchak surrounded himself with former Czarist officials and because these peasants would not take up arms and offer their lives to put these people back in power, they were kicked, beaten with knouts and murdered in cold blood by the thousands, and then the world called them "Bolsheviks." In Siberia, the word Bolshevik meant a human being who did not, by act and word, give encouragement to the restoration to power of representatives of Autocracy in Russia.

* * *
Semeonoff and Kalmikoff soldiers, under the protection of Japanese troops, were roaming the country like wild animals, killing and robbing the people, and these murders could have been stopped any day Japan wished. If questions were asked about these brutal murders, the reply was that the people murdered were Bolsheviks and this explanation, apparently, satisfied the world. Conditions were represented as being horrible in Eastern Siberia, and that life was the cheapest thing there.

There were horrible murders committed, but they were not committed by the Bolsheviks as the world believes. I am well on the side of safety when I say that the anti-Bolsheviks killed one hundred people in East-ern Siberia, to every one killed by the Bolsheviks.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Prayer

You are fucking fucks.

You are not the freedom of press or whatever else.

Just because you are fucking fucks.

I don't care whoever whatever wherever and whenever makes to you.

You are beyond humanity.

Fuck you, stupid dumb fucks.

I am not Charlie, have never been, and never will be. Anyone with at least a tiny little slight hint of ability to think, is not Charlie.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. World without end; but some dumb fuck deserve one. Well deserve.

Fuck you, Charlie.


The Fine Art of Quiet Propaganda

A good propaganda does not necessarily mean to say something; sometimes it is absolutely effective to keep silence of this or that.

The Russian Service of BBC has recently announced a new OECD publication, "Health at a Glance 2015". Speaking about the life expectancy in different countries, an anonimous writer states:
Russia has one of the most unsignificant growth figure. As the organization says, in the 1970-s the average life expectancy of a Russian person was 68 years, and it increased to 71 years in 2013. Lithuania and Latvia showed comparable growth, though their figures were approximately one or two years more than that of Russia (73.9 and 73.5 years, correspondingly)...
What would an average British, or German, or, say, American citizen understand out of such a piece of data? While all the civilized world was steadily growing the life expectancy of its population, those evil Russians under their evil tyranny of Vladimir Putin almost stagnated, falling far behind the advanced nations. Putin must leave the Kremlin and let Russians live long and healthy lives!

And it would be a total and complete moronic bullshit, carefully created by pretty skilled in Russophobic matters BBC's staff.

'Cuz there were some events in between the 1970s and 2013 in Russia, you know.

When "the best German" Gorbi destroyed our country, and then betrayer and drunkard Yeltsin destroyed its economy, we had some troubles, you know. Statistics says, about 13 millions of Russian people prematurely died — losing the cold war turned out to be a quite bit hot for us Russians. My beloved father died at 63, and his early death belongs to this count as well.

So, when you come across some piece of news about Russia, it can in fact be a piece of shit prepared by skilled hands of propaganda cooks; and it's your choice whether to eat it or not.

With all my due thanks and best regards to blogger Fritzmorgen for the idea and picture.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Icon of Grief

I have waited for some days, to have my feelings somehow settled a bit.

It was yesterday that my country had an official mourning for victims of the (still) unclear Metrojet A321 crash over the Sinai Peninsula that took away 224 lives in a terrible minute or so on October 31.

But for all those who lost their friends and relatives, grief, sorrow and mourning will last; sometimes for ever.

This photo of 10 months old Darina Gromova was uploaded to Vkontakte 15 days before the crash, when the young and happy family of Gromovs headed to Egypt from Saint-Petersburg, to spend an unforgettable two weeks vacation. The baby was wondering at those huge white metal birds. Mom Tatiana called her "the chief passenger"; so she was on their flight back, the youngest one aboard.

We do not see her face; we needn't. The image leaves enough space for us to think, and mourn those gone. We are waiting for the moment the baby looks back, in the camera, but at the same time we are afraid of this moment: we're afraid to see the face of someone we know and love. But she will never look back...

In just two days the image became the icon of grief and sorrow. She could be any nation and race; people are the same human beings, and share the same emotions.

I am sure for many people around this image will remain the image of the year... Or life. Just because it's story makes it a true symbol of the pure human sorrow. And sorrow, empathy, compassion are the things that make human beings humane.

Rest in peace, you little angel. Your life was short as a spark's flight; but it looks like it has made the world a little bit brighter.

I hope.