I am

I am. (From BBC 'World Have your Say', March 2014)
Starting to read my blog, you take for granted the following information.

I am a Russian (both by nationality and ethnicity) man born in Moscow, the USSR, in 1970.

I have my own views on various matters. In this blog I share my opinions to those who cannot read it in my native Russian. My views can be similar to views of other people; they also can differ. I am able to think different.

My interests are wide. Russia and the USA, the EU and Ukraine, Putin and the Russian people, war and peace, or even figure skating — I talk about anything I find appropriate.

I am a real person, son and grandson of my ancestors, and a proud father of two sons, who are supposed to make Samarin family live longer into the future. From time to time I tell things about my family.

You are absolutely free/ moreover, welcome to ask questions. But be aware: my answers, even expressed in English, will be definitely Russian.

Here goes the list of posts devoted to me, my background, my relatives and first of all ancestors.

— Introductory note. Who I am, why I do what I do, etc.

— Some words about Russian winter, and some pictures from my happy Soviet childhood.

— As for me, I just can speak — well, and write — English (ein bisschen deutsch, taamlik goed afrikaans, rozumie polsku), But my father Vladimir T. Samarin did know the language! ... and some famous native speakers as well.

— Two photographs from the album of my granddad Timofey T. Samarin (1912—1980).

— I was happy enough to find a video of my granddad Timofey T. Samarin in an American documentary.

You are welcome to follow me in Facebook, but my communication there is mostly in Russian.

To be continued...

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