Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We Are the Immortal Regiment

The Immortal Regiment is the name of a non-official movement that started in Russia a couple of years ago.

The rules of the game are quite simple: you print a big size picture of your realtive who fought against Axis countries during the War, stick it to a board with handle, and walk out with the people like you.

The our part of the WWII, which is called the Great Patriotic War, had an enormous effect on the USSR. Virtually all families had relatives who was somehow touched by the war: either killed on the front or occupied territory, or served in the Red Army, and even more people worked hard in the rear.

In my family, my granddad and all three his brothers served as officers in the Red (later — Soviet) army. All the Samarins men were lucky to survive the war, but the top price was paid by many others. "Saving Private Ryan" is a great film; as for the USSR, it could not afford such an approach. There were mothers that los ALL 7 or 6 or 5 sons (let alone the fewer quantity) at the war.

I have already said, and I will repeat in the future, that was the war for the very existence of our country and people, something the Europe, especially the Western Europe did not experience to a least possible extent. Neither France, nor Belgium, nor the Netherlands, nor other occupied or allied with Hitler Germany lands.

Out of nine sons of Epistinia Stepanova, Alexander (Sr.) was executed by the White Army during the Civil War in Russia, Fyodor was killed by the Japanese during the Battles of Khalkhin Gol, Vasiliy, Ivan, Ilya and Alexander (Jr.) were killed by Germans (the second Alexander was post mortem awarded with the highest Soviet award, the Hero of the Soviet Union), Filipp died as a POW already in 1945, Pavel was missed in action. Only disabled Nikolay made it to home; he died of wounds in 1963, being just 59. The mother survived all of them.

Facebook Supports Russophobia

My Facebook account has just been blocked, and one of publications announced to be deleted as not corresponding to some FB rules.

In that publication I dared to draw people's attention to some fucking Russophobic international: one of the most active liberal Putin-haters and Eltsin-time political figure Alfred Koch (ethnically German) used some Ukrainian media to find a Russophobic post of a famous Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov (ethnically Tatar, an evidently paid Russophobic and anti-Putin agent and suspected paedophile). BTW, both live now outside of Russia.

This is the Koch's post I shared and commented.

The conclusion is evident and straightforward: Facebook openly supports Russophobia and Ukrainian Nazism, coducting policy of repressions against opponents.

I've sent them a message:
1. My publication was against Russophobia and Nazism (in general, and Ukrainian Nazism in particular). So is a considerable part of my Facebook activity.
2. Having deleted it and blocked my access, you, the Facebook, act as if supporting worldwide Russophobia and Nazism, and suppressing the freedom of speech, which supposedly is one of the basic values of the civilized world you supposedly belong to.
I insist on your immediate unblocking me and restoring the deleted publication.
I am waiting for your apologies.
We will see what happens.

¡No pasarán!

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Sacred War

On June 24, 1941 Vasily Lebedev-Kumach published a new verse "The Sacred War" in two major Soviet newspapers, namely Izvestia and Krasnaya Zvezda. The next day Alexander Alexandrov, Alexandrov Ensemble founder and future music composer of the Soviet national anthem, wrote music for the lyrics.

His ensemble performed the newly-born song June 26 at the Belorussky Railway Terminal of Moscow, while mobilized troops were departing to the front. In fact, it was sung five times one after one, and became an immediate and great success across all the fighting country.

The video starts with the first official radio announcement of the war,
that shocked the Soviet people at noon (Moscow time)
 of the wonderful sunny summer Sunday, June 22, 1941.

I would even say, the song became an informal anthem of the war, which was soon baptized as the Great Patriotic War, as it was indeed.

It is a kind of magic. I was born 25 years after the war; both my parents were born after the Great Patriotic War (yet before the end of the WWII). But every time I hear this song duly performed, my fingers make fists.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 9, Victory Day

So it is, we celebrate Victory on May 9: it was 0:43 am of May 9, 1945, when Keitel signed the Final surrender act in Berlin.

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The most terrific war in the history of the world was over. In Europe, it was the matter of existence only for Jews.

For us, it was the total war for the very existence of our country, that carried then the proud name — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Friday, May 08, 2015

If Obama Doesn't Come to Victory Parade in Moscow

... Then the Parade comes to Obama!

If the footage is real — good job, men.

My congratulations to all honest people who celebrate the V-Day in Europe today! 

Saturday, May 02, 2015

1 Year to Odessa Massacre

One year ago Ukrainian Nazis arranged a bloody burning massacre in one of the most beautifil cities at the Black Sea — Odessa.

Those who still went on talking about the "Revolution of Dignity" after THAT are just dumb fucks shortsighted idiots paving way to power for Nazis of all kinds and lands with their own hands.

Friday, May 01, 2015

BBC: Cold War Lies Go On

Screenshot of BBC article "The Rape of Berlin"
Nothing special, in fact. The BBC has just shitted out another congratulation to the former ally with the coming 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. Just another one piece of shit in the long row.

The text contains same names, Beevor and Gelfand, used to prove the denigrating statements with same delusionary figures of raped women. And, by the way, the very same photograph of a Red Army soldier apparently taking a bicycle from a German woman. Just to create the necessary atmosphere of horror that ruled civilized Germany somehow defeated by Mongoloid hordes of the Red Army bolsheviks.

Screenshot from the same article with a photo of Red Army soldier taking a bike from a German woman.
There is no caption to the image, and no doubt an average reader would perceive the preceding and following paragraphs as one: anger, revenge, hatred.

But this is a pure and mean manipulation and bullshit. Old-fashioned anti-Soviet Russophobic bullshit. Here goes the original caption to the original uncut image.