Monday, April 04, 2016

The BBC Is...

One of a popular chewing gum series was (and probably still is) the "Love is...". Rose bricks with some fruity-juicy flavours, if my memory does not fail me. And those little inserts with funny childish pictures depicting what the love is.

Even such a simple idea became an instrument of propaganda, now — that of tolerance towards sexual minorities.

Can we imagine a big news empire being NOT a propaganda tool? Doubtfully there is one. And surely, the BBC is such a tool.

Some of their publications drew my critical attention; e.g. here, and here.

One of my foreign friends told me that the true meaning of the BBC abbreviation was "the British Bullshit Corporation"; and things show it's not that far from truth.

I just would like to share an opinion of Graham Phillips, a British anti-Fascist and journalist covering the civil war in Ukraine honestly and courageously. Read it, please, it's well worth reading.

BBC – Britain’s Anti-Russian Ministry of Disinformation

Graham asks: The only question for lifetime BBC viewers is, was it ever thus? Has the BBC been lying to me all my life?

Sorry, but it looks like the one and only answer is "Yes", at least when it comes to Russia (or the USSR, for the matter). If not lying directly, then they have been skillfully hiding this or that part of the whole truth.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Look Who's Talking (About Rules)

The last day of March was undoubtedly done (well, at least for me) by Reuters. That is, by Britain's foreign secretary Philip Hammond, with Reuters being just the media that spreads his words around the globe.

Just enjoy what this British politician said recently in Tbilisi, Georgia.
If Russia wants the sanctions lifted, then its course of actions is very clear. It has to comply completely with its obligations under the Minsk agreements.
Such claims always make me to wonder if the claimer needs an urgent assistant of a decent mental specialist. Is it Russia that is responsible for internal political changes in Ukraine, according to the Minsk agreements? If so, you just confirm and approve the fact that Ukraine IS Russia (and it really is, to a very very large extent, though it's a topic of another discussion).
We must not forget that this was an incursion into the sovereign territory of Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea illegally in international law. Of course, reforms and steps are needed on the Ukrainian side as well. But we should never equate the two. Russia is the aggressor in this conflict.
Philip Hammond is a liar and provocateur in these words of him. And the reason for my straightforward statement is pretty simple: just because the Crimea was reincorporated to Russia in an absolutely legal and UN-confirmed way, the next day it declared independence of the mainland Ukraine. And the autonomous region was fully entitled to do that according to the international law.

And the one and only aggressor in this conflict, skillfully orchestrated by the US-lead forces and being a severe civil conflict, virtually a full-scale civil war by its nature, is West-supported Kiev government that came to power as a result of the US- and EU-supported coup d'état. It was Kiev regime that unleashed a campaign of state terrorism hypocritically called 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' against those Ukrainian people who opposed the coup based on openly Nazi, Banderite ideology.

Just like it was in the bloody history of the 20th century, Nazism does not bother Europe and the US so far it is directed against Russia. Some stupid people in some high armchairs love playing with fire pretending to be omnipotent political gods. Unfortunately, these games are always paid by lives, lives of common people, and not by those of black-tied high-ranked scum that forgets pride is a deadly sin.
Russia ignores the norms of international conduct and breaks the rules of the international system. That represents a challenge and a threat to all of us.