Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ukraine: the Land of Terror

The 'Revolution of Dignity' shows its real face.

Yesterday they killed a famous MP and party of Regions member Oleg Kalashnikov.

Oles' Alekseevich Buzina (Олесь Алексеевич Бузина), 13.08.1969, Kiev — 16.04.2015, Kiev.
Today they killed a prominent journalist Oles' Buzina, who also had enough courage to have his own opinion. Hypocritical Western media call him 'pro-Russian', but this is just cold-war-esque propaganda. Oles' Buzina was a true patriot of Ukraine, thus he was against bloodshed, against coup d'état in Kiev, and for tight and friendly relations between Ukraine and Russia.

May you rest in peace, Oles.

We all hope Ukraine will heal itself, and your books will be a great assistance in this slow and painful way, the way to mental health.

PS: I wonder where are all these liberal and democratic "JesuisBuzina" and the like activity. Looks like they don't feel the freedom of speech is fpr all...


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