Monday, June 22, 2015

Today there was the War

74 years ago the War began. The Great Patriotic War.

For my country it was the most cruel and devastating war in history.

In fact, the USSR fought against the European Union v.1.0. Sounds unexpected? Check the list of countries that supported Hitler this or that way, or were his allies, or were conquered and worked for him.

"The Sacred War", performed by our popular singer Elena Vaenga, in just two or three days after the Hitler invasion became an informal anthem of the fighting country.
Arise, vast country,
Arise for a fight to the death
Against the dark fascist forces,
Against the cursed hordes. 
Let noble wrath
Boil over like a wave!
This is the peoples' war,
A sacred war! 
We shall repulse the oppressors
Of all ardent ideas.
The rapists and the plunderers,
The torturers of people. 
The black wings shall not dare
Fly over the Motherland,
On her spacious fields
The enemy shall not dare tread! 
We shall drive a bullet into the forehead
Of the rotten fascist filth,
For the scum of humanity
We shall build a solid coffin! 
Hearing this song even I, a grandson of the fighting generation, feel an immense desire to kill Nazis, and my fingers make fists all by themselves.

My eternal gratitude to all those who fought, and suffered, and won.

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