Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hell's Lifehack

A young woman (she's as real as you and me; I know her personally) living now in Donetsk region, writes in her LiveJournal:
Twig As a Door Lock
Screenshot: a woman in Donetsk region locks her door with a twig to survive shellingsWhen there's a shelling, I take the locking bar off my door and change it with a twiglet. Why? There were lots of cases when doors got jammed during shellings and people could hardly get out. And how many deaths are unknown just because they failed? So, put a twig instead of your metal locking bar. It will be either a blast wave that breaks it, or myself. Thus, correspondingly, we shall survive :-)
It's quiet at our place now, no bangs. Just some sirens wailed along the roads at the daytime. O God, please, let ambulances be only engaged with women in labour.
It's the 21st century now, isn't it?

When you start thinking you have troubles in life, just remember there are those (and sometimes not that far from you) happy with just a bottle of clean water, a quiet night to sleep, and every single day God allowed them to survive.

And back in 1975 we were 100% sure the life in 2010+ will be like paradise...

Frankly speaking, I do hate big guys sitting atop the Golden Billion, that drive the whole world to hell. I am sure there comes a day when they will harvest all the evil they've sown around the globe. I bid and pray the rest survive.

And there will be no more need to lock doors with either twigs or metal bars.

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