Sunday, February 07, 2016

True Russians Are...

Like that:

Here is, Russian police officer Maksim Yakimenko from a small settlement in Krasnoyarsk region.

The local emergency call center of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs got a message about a fire at an entrance to a five-floor apartment house in the settlement of Dubinino, on February 6 at night. The local police officer captain Maxim Yakimenko was among the first people on site. He was not a professional firefighter; but a good local takes care of everything that happens in his district.

The burning building was badly fumigated. Having estimated the situation, within just some minutes he bypassed all apartments, waking sleeping people. He personally assisted 49 dwellers, including 15 minors, to escape from the burning house.

Doing so, Maxim Yakimenko was poisoned with carbon monoxide, and later hospitalized; now his life is out of danger. This is thanks to his prompt, professional and courageous action that the fire did not turn into a tragedy and take any human life.

Source (in Russian).

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