Friday, July 01, 2016

Russophobia Kills

So do (sometimes) human rights activists.

When they become liberal idiots (and as such, surely Russophobic).

6 years ago the Amnesty Int'l reached their purpose: Ahmed 'One-Arm' Chataev was released, he escaped "an unfair trial" and "risk of torture and other ill-treatment" in that Evil Empire. FSB (or KGB, who cares) controlled Russia was shown her place once again. Interestingly enough, then in Ukraine the man was supported also by Stepan Bandera's Trizub ("trident") — the Banderite (=Nazi) movement that later became the core of the so called Right Sector uniting ultra radical Nazis of Ukraine.

Later this Chechen man was arrested in Bulgaria, and released again. Just to be later arrested in Georgia — though, with the very same result. Initially, it was Austria that awarded him with a refugee status back in 2003, when he made it to escape from Russia. He was caught in Sweden with some illegal handguns in 2008 and was even imprisoned for a year; but kept his respected anti-Russian refugee status.

But when you are playing with matches, a fire and burns shouldn't surprise you.

The thread has come to its end; Ahmed Chataev thankfully to his right defenders arranged the terroristic attack in Istanbul airport that took lives of dozens.

They are killed by Russophobia, so readily supported by the Amnesty Int'l.

They would be alive and kicking, if that FSB request was duly executed years ago.

Russophobia kills.

PS: Thanks to historian Alexander Dyukov for the idea.

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