Friday, May 01, 2015

BBC: Cold War Lies Go On

Screenshot of BBC article "The Rape of Berlin"
Nothing special, in fact. The BBC has just shitted out another congratulation to the former ally with the coming 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. Just another one piece of shit in the long row.

The text contains same names, Beevor and Gelfand, used to prove the denigrating statements with same delusionary figures of raped women. And, by the way, the very same photograph of a Red Army soldier apparently taking a bicycle from a German woman. Just to create the necessary atmosphere of horror that ruled civilized Germany somehow defeated by Mongoloid hordes of the Red Army bolsheviks.

Screenshot from the same article with a photo of Red Army soldier taking a bike from a German woman.
There is no caption to the image, and no doubt an average reader would perceive the preceding and following paragraphs as one: anger, revenge, hatred.

But this is a pure and mean manipulation and bullshit. Old-fashioned anti-Soviet Russophobic bullshit. Here goes the original caption to the original uncut image.

Look at the same image on Corbis Images with original caption from 1945.
Now back to Germany and women. I am not going into details in these pre-celebration days. I am going to make some statements.

1. All these talks of 100,000 or 2,000,000 raped German women are pure provocative bullshit created by anti-Soviet special services. Do you know about orders prohibiting raping, looting and other crimes against civil population? Do you know what punishments were provided for trespassers? You blame my former (and the present, for the matter) country in being totalitarian; thus, you are merely schisophrenic blaming its soldiers in mass crimes.

"Come and See" poster, USA, 1985.2. Germany was absolutely and undeservedly lucky that the place and position of Joseph Stalin was not taken by... for instance, me. Having been informed of what those "civilised Europeans" committed in occupied territories of my country (mostly Soviet republics of Belorussia, Ukraine and Russia) I am not sure I would be able to follow the Moral Code of the Communism Builder. Rather, I would enjoy seeng the German land destroyed and levelled down to the ground level, so that no single German person remained on the Earth. And it would be nothing more than an act of humane and heavenly justice.

You, those who tend to learn history from the Hollywood movies; have you seen the Come and See by Elem Klimov (1985, joint production of Belarusfilm and Mosfilm studios)? I think now in the age of Internet there is no necessity to go to a theater to see it. Anyhow, that's a faint shade of what the Germans committed to "Untermenschen".

By the way, do you know the Code I mentioned above? If not, you just don't know anything about the USSR.

Thank you BBC, we should never forget the only real and true allies of Russia are its Fleet, Army and Airforce.

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