Sunday, October 25, 2015

60+ Years of the Middle East History in 7.5 Minutes

The German humorists of "Die Anstalt" TV show remind us how did the USA improved order in the Middle East since 1953. The video was aired about 1 year ago, but it is sooo nice that it well deserves to be shared as wide as possible. And I cannot say the high hat player has somehow changed his own rules of the game he tries to play, so it is not outdated at all.

The one above is original German with English titles. This one has decent Russian titles.

Isn't it funny? Yes, and sadly so.

It looks like the USA are unable to learn on their own mistakes. But being the world-leading superpower they do not prefer to pay for their mistakes themselves, leaving the rest of the world to cope with the burden of having the USA atop and pay their bills. But this cannot last forever.

You can never extingush a fire with gas or matches.

You can never set up peace feeding terrorists, whatever moderate is their colour, with weapons.

By the way, how many refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa have the USA (and for the matter, Canada and Australia) accepted?

Oh, really? Why so moderate?

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