Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Proud Father - 2

I am again!

I doubt you can realize the deepness (or height) of feelings I experienced late in the evening of October 9 having finally seen this table displayed before my eyes:

My son Alexander performed his free skating really outstanding!

It was so nice that the panel of pretty tight-fisted (when it comes to some athletes) judges had nothing to do but generously give him 150.88 — and it was not only about 20 points more than his previous season's best result, it was also a mere 0.38 point more than enough for Alexander to be the first and take the gold medal out of hands of Nicolas Nadeau from Canada!

And everybody listened to the magic sounds of the Russian state anthem.

And for a while I turned into the proudest father on Earth!

It was not the first Junior Grand Prix Alexander participated, but it was his first gold. So precious for him, and for us all, for it took him 13 years of hard trainings to get ot this point. It is a hard way to being a happy father, you know.

I am sure there will be more tasty medals in his career!

And — your kind congratulations and gifts are very welcome via the same way as "thank you" :)

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