Saturday, January 09, 2016

Totalitarianism Now

For many years all those 'political' words like 'democracy', 'communism', 'totalitarianism', 'dictatorship', etc., are just a matter of verbal play. Those who act in favor of the so called 'Western values' are good guys, 'democracies'. Those who dare to play against or at least their own games, are bad ones, 'totalitarian regimes', 'communists' or 'tyrannies'.

Henceforth, the world has, e.g., Saudi Arabia presiding the UN Human Rights Council. Unfortunately, this is not a circus; this is the Orwellian world we live in.

A gem news came from Denmark. One of the best foreign undergraduates at the Aarhus University Marius Youbi was expelled from Denmark back to his native Cameroon for... working too hard.

His crime was from time to time exceeding by 1.5 hours the weekly limit established for part-time jobs done by foreign students.

Nice. Wasn't that one of the basic values of that 'capitalism dream': work harder to achieve more?

Now they play some more 'democracy' in the form of the 'freedom of speech' and sign a petition to let Youbi stay in the country and finish his education — well, he has just two semesters left on his way to his diploma in electrical engineering.

However, the world will undoubtedly go on calling Denmark a 'democracy', and calling Russia kind of 'resurrecting totalitarianism', and calling Saudi Arabia... oops, you'd better don't give names to this honorable country presiding the UN Human Rights Council.

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