Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Human Odessa Cries: Set Vladimir Grubnik Free!

Address of Odessa Human Rights Activists
Concerning Surgeon Vladimir Grubnik
Arrested by the SBU on a Charge of Terrorism

Here goes the full transcript of what the girl says in Russian.

Human rights activists of the city of Odessa are pledging to spread around information on the horrible fate of an Odessa local, whose only fault is that he did not accept categorically the anti-human and lawless political regime in the territory of present Ukraine.

The matter is that Vladimir Yuriyevich Grubnik was brutally arrested in Odessa on October 19, 2015. Grubnik is a candidate of medical sciences, a professor of the Odessa National Medical University, a surgeon of the Odessa City Clinical Hospital No. 11, and a member of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery.

The Ukrainian authorities charge him with participation in terrorist activity, though he denies this guilt completely. Being arrested, Vladimir was badly beaten; it is visible on photographs, which are attached to the published material. It was followed by methods of physical abuse, content in a punishment cell. At the same time, to the best our knowledge, Vladimir Grubnik has developing symptoms of  tuberculosis, which he suffered before.


We can only assume in what state his body is, hidden by the clothes. There are all the reasons to believe that conditions of Grubnik’s detention will only worsen, and he is in urgent need of external assistance. According to the information coming from other prisoners, there was at least one more act of assault and battery. As Grubnik refuses to recognize the charges brought to him, the tortures are going on till now.

All the aforesaid is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) applies similar methods towards other prisoners. According to information coming from prisoners, the officer of the Odessa division of the SBU named Ismailov, especially excels in unhuman cruelty.

Human rights activists are eager to make public these egregious examples of human rights violation in Ukraine, so that the European public esteems them appropriately. We hope also that Grubnik will get full possible assistance from the European human rights protection organizations.


Here go some images, taken on a "judgement" referred to in the text as the "attached to the published material". Having nothing to feel guilty of, Vladimir does not hide his face, bravely looking into faces of the creatures that dare to charge him with complete bullshit.

These are images taken on the first set up trial
by the local stinking piece of purulent lues Banderite Mark Gordienko.

These are screenshots from local TV news pieces.

The state of Vladimir's head is noticeable; at least if you have eyes to see.


My personal addon to the aforesaid

Vladimir (or Volodymyr, if you like better the Ukrainian transliteration of just the same Old Slavic name) Yuryevich (or Iurievich, in another possible form of transliteration of his patronymic) Grubnik belongs to at least the third generation of a honourable dynasty of doctors, medics, whatever you call them. His grandfather Vladimir was a prominent doctor, well known across the USSR, yet he preferred to reside in the village of Kominternovo (Donetsk region), where he established an outpatient hospital (policlinic); his Grandmother went a lifelong career of a gynecologist, and as far as I know still resides in Kominternovo. His father Yuri and uncle Vladimir (Yuri's brother) both are Ph.D.'s in medicine sciences, and famous Ukrainian surgeons.

I am absolutely sure that a doctor has a right to dislike any given political regime, as any other human being and citizen of any country. If so, any person has a right to express his or her opinion; this is what the freedom of speech is about. However, Vladimir Grubnik is a very special person, for he gave the Hippocratic Oath; that means, charges of terrorism sound weird and crazy. He is to heal and cure people, but not to destroy them.

In any case, he is undoubtedly a prisoner of conscience, and as such, he surely deserves a humane treatment in detention — so far Ukraine considers itself a European (or at least Europe-directed) country.

Freedom to Vladimir Grubnik!


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