Monday, January 12, 2015

In Memoriam to My Father

Yesterday it was 6 years since that mournful day when my beloved father Vladimir T. Samarin had passed away.

Vladimir T. Samarin (13.08.1945—11.01.2009) in 1980
He was born in London, as his father, my grandad, worked there as a Red Army officer in the Soviet military mission during the WW2 and after. Maybe, the very first childish experiences made him to devote his life to English language. For many years he worked as a translator and interpreter for the former Soviet Ministry of Foreign Trade. He visited maybe 70, maybe 80 countries of the world.

A biography personally signed by Armand Hammer (in Russian) to my father.

He helped people and countries to understand each other better, and to do better business together. It was dozens times with his assistance, that our Soviet political and economy figures talked to Margaret Thatcher (even before she became that 'Iron Lady'), Rockfellers, Armand Hammer, William Verity Jr. and many, many other from (and in) many countries of the world.

Left: My father helps the Soviet power to talk with William Verity Jr. (left), about 1982;
Right: the top of his career as an interpreter was achieved on October 13, 1980: he assisted to Brezhnev.

I am sure it was thanks to him that I started mastering foreign languages myself. My English is definitely not that perfect. Yet I hope my writings here are serving the same purpose: helping people to understand each other better.

It does matter if we want to leave green Earth, clean water and clear blue sky to our children, grandchildren, etc.

All images from my family archive are taken supposedly by official photographers for either the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR, or the TASS or APN news agencies.

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