Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Facebook Supports Russophobia

My Facebook account has just been blocked, and one of publications announced to be deleted as not corresponding to some FB rules.

In that publication I dared to draw people's attention to some fucking Russophobic international: one of the most active liberal Putin-haters and Eltsin-time political figure Alfred Koch (ethnically German) used some Ukrainian media to find a Russophobic post of a famous Russian blogger Rustem Adagamov (ethnically Tatar, an evidently paid Russophobic and anti-Putin agent and suspected paedophile). BTW, both live now outside of Russia.

This is the Koch's post I shared and commented.

The conclusion is evident and straightforward: Facebook openly supports Russophobia and Ukrainian Nazism, coducting policy of repressions against opponents.

I've sent them a message:
1. My publication was against Russophobia and Nazism (in general, and Ukrainian Nazism in particular). So is a considerable part of my Facebook activity.
2. Having deleted it and blocked my access, you, the Facebook, act as if supporting worldwide Russophobia and Nazism, and suppressing the freedom of speech, which supposedly is one of the basic values of the civilized world you supposedly belong to.
I insist on your immediate unblocking me and restoring the deleted publication.
I am waiting for your apologies.
We will see what happens.

¡No pasarán!

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