Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 9, Victory Day

So it is, we celebrate Victory on May 9: it was 0:43 am of May 9, 1945, when Keitel signed the Final surrender act in Berlin.

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The most terrific war in the history of the world was over. In Europe, it was the matter of existence only for Jews.

For us, it was the total war for the very existence of our country, that carried then the proud name — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

We suffered the biggest and irreproducible losses; it was genocide not only for Jews, but for Eastern Slavic peoples as well.

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The Germany did not pay in full for the crimes and atrocities committed; but we forgave it. Germany is obliged by the very fact that there is such a country on the world's map, the FRG, to the USSR. Were we truly following Bible (eye for eye, etc.), we would make the German land into even unpopulated surface.

We were humane then. We Russians are often too generous and kind to enemies. Yet we have to get to Paris or Berlin by foot first.

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Maybe, this is the reason behind the fact we are invincible.

Here is the full set of images I took yesterday around my home in Moscow.

And video. It is far from perfect, yet it shows the mood of celebrating people.

They say, 20 million people celebrated our Victory across Russia. I think it's a fair estimation.

The Victory Day is the most important date in our newest history. The Victory is the stronges link that unites all us Russians, all the peoples that form the united Russian super-ethnicity.

Eternal glory to all those who fought and won!

We remember and will never forget.

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