Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why Does NATO Fight for ISIS?

Here is how it happened when the Turks (?) shot down our plane.

It was a thoroughly planned ambush; they knew perfectly what they were doing; for more than an hour (that day only) they waited in the air for an optimal moment to hit and hide.

The supported by Turkey goat fuckers are bravely shooting at the pilots descending in their chutes. They are proud enough to upload that to YouTube.

One of the fuckers' commanders was later recognized as a Grey Wolves (Turkish Nazi movement) member and Turkish citizen Alparslan Çelik.

Our war ministry announced yesterday (link above):
As soon as Captain Murakhtin [flight navigator of the downed plane] was safe, massive airstrikes were made by Russian aircraft and the Syrian rocket artillery on the area occupied by terrorists who had been actively searching for him.
I hope they all did not survive the killed pilot for long, and their death was painful enough.

The only question that remains is

why does a NATO member fight for ISIS?

PS: As for now, Turkey received a great publicity; I don't know what Erdogan thinks (and I don't give a shit about that, frankly speaking), but I doubt the Turks wanted it that way.


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