Monday, November 30, 2015

Daily Routine of Russophobia

You might well hear accusations of the Western media in Russophobia. Yet it's not just some propaganda rhetorics of the Kremlin; it's just the daily routine the Western media follow. A bright example of that has recently appeared in the Huffington Post.

Let's follow the statements of some blonde "world reporter" Charlotte Alfred.
It was the worst aviation disaster in Russian history and the deadliest terrorist attack targeting Russians in over a decade. Yet many Russians know little about the victims of Metrojet Flight 9268.
Russian authorities released the passenger manifest -- which included 209 Russian citizens and at least 25 children -- but their personal stories have not been widely covered in the Russian press.
“It’s shocking in comparison to when tragedies happen in Western countries, when there are photos of the victims and comments on social media,” said Tonia Samsonova. Samsonova is a founder of Russian-language social network The Question and a U.K.-based correspondent for the Echo of Moscow, regarded as Russia's most liberal radio station.
The lack of coverage has repercussions on public perceptions of the tragedy, said Valery Nechay, a Russia-based journalist for the station.
“People become more involved in the story when they know the images and stories, and not just a number -- 224 victims,” he told The WorldPost.
There are just two statements that are 100% correct: it indeed was the worst aviation disaster in the the Soviet and Russian history, and that a passenger manifest was released.

All the other stuff is lies, pure or covered, arrogant or ignorant, does not matter.
First of all, who are the "experts"? Some people from the Echo of Moscow radio, which is regarded as marginal media for the so called "Russian liberals" or "oppos". It has nothing to do with clear ideals of true liberalism; it is about anti-Russian or anti-Putin activity. Quite interesting, on what ground Tania Samsonova who is said to sit in London, describes situation in Russia. I dare to doubt London is the perfect place to monitor things in Russia (or in Syria, by the way).

Maybe, she lives abroad for too long and has just forgot that it is not in Russian tradition or cultural background, to dig deep into the guts of victims or their relative who suffered losses. We are sympathetic, we feel compassion and express condolences, however we do not need soap operas from the tragedies.

Nevertheless, there are some "Westernized" media that act the way Valery Nechay says is lacking. For example, Life News TV channel; they try always to look under every skirt and into everybody's soul; but for majority of Russians it's just disgusting.

The best (so far I can use the word in such a sorrowful context) icon of grief was the photo of a little toddler girl Darina Gromova who lost her life with her parents in that flight; and I wrote my feelings about the image quite a while ago.

And I was not alone; the image became the icon of grief for many thousands people in different countries. I repeat the screenshot of the original publication of Darina's photo.

You know what? That's from the most popular in Russia Russian social network VKontakte (well, some of us use Facebook sometimes, however it is maybe the third popular one after two Russian networks, the second one being Odnoklassniki).

Those who have eyes, let them see: after the catastrophe the photo ()which was interested only for the family members, friends and maybe colleagues of parents) got more than 1.5 millon likes, and was shared almost 140 thousand times.

Everything is normal with our public perception of tragedies. We just do not tend to make public shows out of our sorrow, grief, pain, tears — but, whatever is the purpose of your attemts to dehumanize us, we feel and have all these.
The so-called Islamic State extremist group said it had planted a bomb on the plane in retaliation for Russian intervention into the Syrian war since September, a claim deemed credible by Western officials, to the chagrin of the Kremlin. Initially, Russian and Egyptian authorities cautioned that mechanical defects or pilot error or pilot error could be to blame.
When Russia's FSB security services acknowledged two weeks later that the plane had been bombed, much of the public debate had already moved on.

“In the first days [after the plane went down], everyone was discussing the company Metrojet and its subsidiary Kogalymavia, and trying to figure out who is responsible,” Samsonova said. “There was no question as to whether it was true or not. It was totally unthinkable that ISIS could be a real threat to us,” she said.
“By the time people realized it was a terrorist attack, the grief had passed.”
I just don't give a shit waht is deemed credible by Western officials. There is a procedure of investigation, and only duly conducted investigation allows to make statements. By the way, do you remember how long it took them to investigate Lockerby crash? It was only after two years that they came to a conclusion it was a terroristic attack.

And as for grief, it does calm down and to an extent pass with time — I doubt we Russians have here a monopoly.
According to several analysts, this is partly a reflection of the government's concerns. Much of Russia's media is owned or heavily influenced by the Kremlin and its allies. "State-oriented media don't want people to think about" the Metrojet disaster, Samsonova said.
WTF? Well, there are some "Kremlin-funded" media, but what the bullshit Samsonova says? Based on her quasi-logics, the Kremlin should make people to think of the disaster, to strengthen popular support of state revenge in the form of our military actions in Syria, for instance.
"In Russia, terrible things happen every day," Samsonova said. "People are more concerned with the declining living standards and coping with the constant state of tension."
Hey, are you gonna come to the real world, Tonia? Russia is kind of huge, many millions of people live here. Sometimes shit happens, you know.

I even open you a secret; shit happens wherever people live. In Syria and Germany, in Australia and the UK, and even in the US. You say, "People are more concerned with the declining living standards and coping with the constant state of tension." How many people in how many countries of the world do you think could say it about themselves? AFAIK, in the USA alone about 35 millions suffer from insufficient feeding, half of those children.
The downing has sparked widespread outrage in Russia, but the threat of a military confrontation has overshadowed of the military deaths themselves, said Ruslan Leviev, an investigative blogger who has tracked Russian military involvement in Syria and Ukraine. The slain marine received a military funeral this week, but it was hardly covered by the Russian press, he said.
Another one great expert. In blowjob, I think. He's famous for his "findings" of Russian military in Ukraine and, later, in Syria, using... social networks. He has been sooo sucsessful in his 'invetigative blogging' that even Reuters and other agencies reprinted his bullshit.

But he's just a liar. And I am not going to offer you check any web search engine for "похороны Позынича" (Pozynich's funeral); reading Russian is quite a job.

Seeing is believing, isn't it?

Two news reports on the most popular federal TV channel 1TV ("the first button") at the day Alexander Pozynich was buried. Reports last 1:10 before the funeral, 0:48 after.

"The second button", Vesti news program: the report took 3:04 — more than 3 minutes of air.

These two channels cover all Russia, and the mournful event got more or less the same coverage on other major TV channels. No one forgot to inform that the school in the city of Novocherkassk our fallen marine went to, was named after him.

Congrats to you Leviev the bloody Russophobic liar.
There was some criticism of Putin on social media when he didn't send condolences to the slain pilot's family in the first message he issued after the plane downing this week, Nechay said. Putin did send his condolences a few days later.
Stupid idiots like to criticize Putin on any occasion, that's no surprise. The matter is that President of Russia says things when he knows things. It was really hard to believe those bloody NATO supported goatfuckers Syrian Turkmens would shoot into chuteing pilots using all weaponry they could put their stinking hands on.

As soon as he was informed, he said everything what a state leader had to say. And, maybe, something more, secretly, for yesterday those goatfuckers brought the body of the killed pilot to their Turkish masters. And he will also be buried with all due honours.

So, if you have at least a tiny little grain of respect to yourself, keep off bullshitters Tonia Samsonova, Valery Nechay, Ruslan Leviev (and the Huffington Post in general, maybe; at least when it comes to Russia).
Not that you're gonna die having eaten this shit; yet you have a right to know what you are served in this information fast food restaurant.

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