Friday, November 06, 2015

The Fine Art of Quiet Propaganda

A good propaganda does not necessarily mean to say something; sometimes it is absolutely effective to keep silence of this or that.

The Russian Service of BBC has recently announced a new OECD publication, "Health at a Glance 2015". Speaking about the life expectancy in different countries, an anonimous writer states:
Russia has one of the most unsignificant growth figure. As the organization says, in the 1970-s the average life expectancy of a Russian person was 68 years, and it increased to 71 years in 2013. Lithuania and Latvia showed comparable growth, though their figures were approximately one or two years more than that of Russia (73.9 and 73.5 years, correspondingly)...
What would an average British, or German, or, say, American citizen understand out of such a piece of data? While all the civilized world was steadily growing the life expectancy of its population, those evil Russians under their evil tyranny of Vladimir Putin almost stagnated, falling far behind the advanced nations. Putin must leave the Kremlin and let Russians live long and healthy lives!

And it would be a total and complete moronic bullshit, carefully created by pretty skilled in Russophobic matters BBC's staff.

'Cuz there were some events in between the 1970s and 2013 in Russia, you know.

When "the best German" Gorbi destroyed our country, and then betrayer and drunkard Yeltsin destroyed its economy, we had some troubles, you know. Statistics says, about 13 millions of Russian people prematurely died — losing the cold war turned out to be a quite bit hot for us Russians. My beloved father died at 63, and his early death belongs to this count as well.

So, when you come across some piece of news about Russia, it can in fact be a piece of shit prepared by skilled hands of propaganda cooks; and it's your choice whether to eat it or not.

With all my due thanks and best regards to blogger Fritzmorgen for the idea and picture.


  1. Nah, that rise at the end is due to global warming meaning Russians no longer have three winters per year!

    1. Global warming is not enough :)
      People forget (or just do not know) at least 60% of Russian territory is permafrost.
      And, ny the way, we've never had three winters -- just one, but real. Though, looks like good old days are gone.