Tuesday, September 01, 2015

RFE/RL Has Gone Too Far

Today is September 1.

Among many events, that happened in history on this day, it was 11 years ago that a group of terrorists captured hundreds of schoolchildren and some adults oin the town of Beslan (North Ossetia/Russia).

Here is how the RFE/RL, "Radio Svoboda" remembers this bloody event.

Screenshot of RFE/RL Russian publication devoted to Beslan terroristic attack.

The text accompanying a photogallery of Andrey Korolev, is pretty short, just two sentences.
On Septemder, 1 it will be 11 years since terrorists captured hostages in school No. 1 of Beslan (North Ossetia). Three days later as a result of the assault on the school, 314 hostages were killed, including 186 children.

Just two sentences—and the mean essence of what the RFE/RL is now, is revealed. The first image of the set with inscription "Ukraine remembers you" on the Ukrainian flag, is just topping on a shitcake produced for the Russian audience.

AS A RESULT OF THE ASSAULT, everyone able to read Russian can read it with his or her own eyes.

That's all one needs to know about purulent brain lues hypocritically called "Freedom". The only freedom it is about, is freedom of russophobia (formerly masked by anti-Soviet rhetorics).

Ethics of journalism? No, thank you, who needs this bullshit sitting on the budget from the US Congress?

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