Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shall We Know the Truth?

Having looked through a recent publication in the Busineee Insider, I came to a question I cannot find any answer myself.

Just have a look yourself at those wonderful Stratfor images.

Stratfor image of a Russian cargo plane in Syria, from the BI.

You see, it's almost impossible to hide anything from the powerful space eyes.

Either a big plane (with perfectly noticeable nose lifted)...

Startfor image of an artillery battery in Syria, from the BI.

... or a battery of way smaller guns—wise guys will decypher anything on decent satellite imagery. And as Syria is one of those zones of special attention, there is plenty of such imagery to decypher, I suppose. And on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Well, I am absolutely sure about it.

So my question is as follows.

Who did shoot down the Malaysian MH17? It was shot down while flying over one of those special attention zones—that of the civil war in Ukraine.

It's that simple, to blame Russia in general and Putin personally in all the world's troubles. As for the MH17, fisrt accusations appeared in no time, fragments of the plane were still falling in flames. But where are the fucking proofs? Words are not enough in the modern world of total supervising.

I can accept the lack of data on the MH370; the territory under suspicion is too huge. But MH17 was flying above a war. A war some think the Russian Army participates in.

And you think this burning part of Europe was not closely monitored from above by all possible hires cameras the US and others could focus on it?

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