Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie

A world-wide known (since January 7, 2015) French caricature magazine Charlie Hebdo has just become a reason for another huge storm. They published a set of images mocking the poor Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi.

Here are the images on the cover and somewhere inside of the recent issue, as they were republished by Morocco World News.

Caricarures from Charlie Hebdo as republished by Morocco World News.

It looks like the sentence "Je ne suis pas Charlie" — which means "I am not Charlie" in French — is one of the most popular in Facebook today.

However, I am 100 per cent sure within the last 8 months the magazine has not changed at all. Neither did people of the species homo sapiens, I am equally sure about that. In fact, I would rather put under question the very definition "sapiens", though it's a topic of another discussion.

I just wonder, how many of those who say today they are not Charlie, 8 months ago claimed they were.

And I feel the difference. And a pretty huge one. Being decisively against terroristic approach to solving matters — always! — I have never been Charlie Hebdo, neither I am now, nor I am going to be one in the foreseeable future.

I am Vladimir Samarin from Moscow, Russia, enjoying being my own self, thinking with my own brain and trying to make the surrounding crazy world a little bit more convenient to live in for me and my children — using my own words, my own ideas, my own actions.

So in a way, I am the difference. And I do hope together we, who are at least trying to be ourselves, will deliver. Surely not tomorrow, doubtfully the day after, evidently, not in the coming year. Maybe, in one of the next decades, or rather centuries, one of our great-grandchildren's generation will finally exclaim looking around: "What a wonderful world our ancestors created and left for us!"

Well, at 44 I don't believe in fairy tales that much, either. But the hope dies last, you know.

At least, as for now I am not Charlie. I have a chance.

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