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Boris Nemtsov: Qui Prodest?

Source. © RIA Novosti. Ilya Pitalev.
This night in the very centre of Moscow, in direct view of the Kremlin, Boris Nemtsov was shot dead.

Whatever attitude one could have to this politician, this is a crime, and when a crime is investigated, since the Roman Empire nothing has changed: first, one has to find answer to a simple question, qui prodest. To whose profit was the deed done.

Was it profitable for Putin, or for anybody else in power?

No, in no case at all. Boris Nemtsov was not longer an acting politician, he lead an opposiiton movement that did not enjoy somehow wide support from the Russian people.

Was it profitable for the anti-Putin opposition dreaming of pressing Putin off the Kremlin? Yes, surely, for each and every one. Especially in the eve of coming oppo's meeting on March,1, which now has chances to be way more popular.

A Maxim Katz' tweet on Nemtsov's killing in Moscow.
And — Putin is always to blame, he is bad man number one on Earth, let alone Russia. So our oppo figures have immediatle started a true hysteria.

Maxim Katz, a young oppositioner, tweets:
Putin is guilty.
In case it's he who contracted, he's guilty as a contractor.
In unlikely case he didn't, then [he's guilty] as the monger of rage, hysteria and hatred in people.
Ksenia Sobchak's tweet on Nemtsov's killing in Moscow.Ksenia Sobchak, a daughter of a famous Eltsin's team mate and an oppo herself, tweets:
Even if there was no direc order to kill, that hatred existing in the society could provoke bastards.
Dmitry Gudkov Jr., an oppo figure, tweets:
Undoubtedly a political murder. Even if not contracted, then as a result of the hatred that was propagandised by our power.
Leonid Volkov, an oppo figure, tweets:
They have succeeded in kindling hatred to the 5th column, cruds. Hong Weibings are brought forth.
Bingo! Putin has no chances. As he has been always doing, he made another sacrificial victim against himself.

Taking a conspirology position, I would ask one question more. Did Boris Nemtsov know he was chosen to be assasinated and become that sacrificial victim? On February 10 he gave a short and pretty strange interview to a Russian weekly, Sobesednik.

A sceenshot of a recent Nemtsov's interview stating he was afraid Putin was going to kill him.It is called: "Boris Nemtsov: I Am Afraid Putin Will Kill Me". I repeat, it was published on February 10, 2015, just 17 days before. Does not it sound interesting?
...We like talking about politics with my mommy very much. She is absolutely against what is happening in Ukraine, believes it is a catastrophe and a total nightmare. But more than Ukraine, she's concerned about Putin. Any time I call her she laments: "When will you stop reviling Putin? He will kill you!" And [she says it] absolutely seriously... She is really afraid he can kill me in the nearest future for my speeches — both in the real life and in social networks. And, I repeat, no kidding: she's a smart person, she's very afraid of it.
— Interesting. And, after such talks with mom, have you started to be afraid Putin can kill you in the nearest future, personally or through some intermediaries?
You knaw what, yes... A bit. Not that much like mom, but anyhow... But anyhow I am not afraid of him that much. Were I afraid of him very much, I wouldn't lead an opposition party, wouldn't do what I was doing...
— ... Hopefully, after all the common sense will triumph, and Putin won't kill you.
God grant. So do I hope.
So we see there is a relly great field for conspirology and insinuations of any possible kind. Investigation is on, our best forensic forces are engaged. As for facts, we have to wait.

As for blaming and accusations — Putin is there, as usual.

And deep condolences to Boris' mother Dina Eidman, who is the only one that suffered an unbearable loss at the age of almost 87. For her this is the truly deepest human tragedy, not a case to investigate or a circumstance to make most profit of.

Oh, Boris... You could be a great physicist, but made your choice to be a bad politician. Let now God judge you. Amen.

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