Friday, February 06, 2015

Various Puppets, Same Master

Many things in different countries are done using apparently the same screenplay, plot, scenario.

Just have a look at some samples.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on March 7, 2014. Some actors of Ukrainian theaters address to the Russian people. Generally speaking, they say they are just like us Russians, normal people. The Russian language is not suppressed in Ukraine. They do not want war. Some elder ones became popular way back in the USSR. By the way, many of them take part in Russian performances, movies and TV series — just business, Russia pays, money doesn't smell.

In this video, uploaded to YouTube on January 26, 2015, some Ukrainian college and university students address to their russian counterparts. They want to be heard by every Russian student. They explain their Maidan was not a coup d'état but a real 'Revolution of Dignity'*. They say:
"There's no necessity to believe in our words, that differ that great from what you see in your mass media and social networks; we just ask you to doubt and check information."

I wish I could put a big mirror in front of them: as for today, one can hardly find more lie-stuffed and russophobic media than those of Ukraine (I will get back to this point later; stay tuned to my blog).

Come on further.

This video appeared in Youtube on February 5, 2015. Here we see some Russian citizens standing in the very center of Moscow, in front of the History Museum and Georgy Zhukov monument, some steps away from the Red Square. They address to all Russians with words about political repressions, absence of freedoms and Russian aggression against Ukraine, calling to stop it. All this liberal (or, to be exact, 'russoliberal', which is quite far from true liberalism) bullshit they invent on any suitable case.

I repeat my definition: that's a pure bullshit. They stand in the very center (in the heart, if you wish) of Moscow for quite a while, in fornt of at least two cameras with lighting equipment — and nothing happens to them, nobody comes to take them away or kick their asses.

Well, in my sincere opinion we have way too much freedom of speech. We'd better learn the lessons from the USA and UK, how to manipulate it and keep it under strict control.

So, who's the master of this puppet theater? I'm afraid I cannot invent something new and original.

For instance, have a look at quite a spectacular photographic project Ukraine: Fight for Freedom. It is professionally made, uses a big number of skillfully taken and chosen photographs to prove the 'dignity' of Ukrainian 'revolution'. Devil, as usual, is in details; here such details are captions, sometimes being truly Goebbels-esque:
From the middle of the 17th century, Muscovy’s policy has been to suppress Ukraine’s European spirit by annexing Ukraine’s territories. For over two centuries this plan was successful, right up until the demise of the last iteration of a Muscovite state – the USSR.
Let's have a look into the 'About' section of the site.

Our Revolution has showed the great ability of Ukrainians to self-organize: all necessary resources (clothes, food, and money) were raised in just several hours. This website was created in the same way. All photos, web-developing, texts and translations were provided free of charge. And we’re deeply thankful for that to all contributors! 
The project was created with the assistance of the Information and Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.
Don't you see kind of contradiction in these two paragraphs? Either it is that legendary 'great ability of Ukrainians to self-organize (leave fairy tales to children; such an event like Maidan just could not be self-organized; any logistics expert would tell you how carefully it should be prepared and how expensive it was to maintain it. I have no doubts military logists took part in it; I just don't know whose military.), or the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (SNBO).

Or.. wait... What's there, in the lower right corner, anything else?..

No more questions, thank you.

* Why it wasn't, please watch and read here in my blog.

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