Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Dialog with McFaul

I've just had in Twitter.

A screenshot of my talk to Michael McFaul via Twitter.

I find it quite exemplary. I believe it's a good approach for children or, well, private persons willing to calmly reside in their privacy.

But Michael McFaul is an academic and diplomat, ex-ambassador to Russia in 2012—2014. Now he is a Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. And I also believe that such a person cannot afford such a childish approach. Adult politicians usually know: if they close their eyes, world won't change. If they don't listen to this or that opinion, that does not mean this or that opinion doesn't exist. But to take wise, reasonable steps and measures, adult politicians should see the full picture, know the whole spectrum of opinions.

Unfortunately, for the political beau monde of the most powerful country in the world it's not the case. They prefer to hear and know only things they enjoy, things that fit their pattern of good and evil. As a result, from time to time they do wrong steps trying to take care of 'disgusting things' that do happen in the world. And it cost the world human lives.

Well, I don't know who killed Nemtsov yet. Moreover; I am not sure I shall. Shit happens; JFK was assassinated about 52 years ago, but who on Earth can say he or she knows for sure who killed him? We just know who was sentenced for that.

What I know for sure, such an approach to politics is a fault. Not only McFaul's fault, but fault of the very system based on the idea of one country's supremacy.

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