Sunday, February 08, 2015

Who Is to Get out of Ukraine?

On Saterday Mr. Joe Biden (for those who do not care, he's vice-president of the USA). Even the CNN noted that speaking at the Munich Security Conference he "served up some blunt talk".

The American diplomacy looks unbound.

Though the AP does not show his 'blunt talk', and neither does ABC, there are some sources that are not so peculiar and let people hear Biden's unmanipulated words. Listen very attentively from 0:40.

President Putin has to make a simple, stark choice. Get out of Ukraine, or face continued isolation and growing economic costs at home.
What? Who are you, Mr. Biden, to fucking tell Russia or Putin what to do?

It is the USA that is to get their dirty hands out of Ukraine, the sooner the better. Just because Ukraine IS Russia (well, maybe not 100%, but about 85% for sure). Just because more US interference in Ukrainiancrisis means more deaths. Thousands deaths; those deaths do not provoke mass rallies and Facebook campaigns "Je suis Charlie"-kind. Yet those are deaths of human beings, just like you are (am I mistaken now?), that deserved better life — just like you do.
Too many times President Putin has promised peace and delivered tanks, troops, and weapons.
Look who's talking. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya... Am I to continue?

I am not a diplomate, so I hope all that freedom of speech is at my fingertips here.

Whichever country those big politicians hypocrites represent, they share one common thing. Among those basic freedoms there is also a freedom of movement.

So you are absolutely free to get the fuck out of Russia's way (and preferrably borders as well).

And as for the economic costs — we live under this or that sort of sanctions since 1918. The largest one was the one Hitler tried to put on Russia (then USSR) in 1941. We survived (by the way, Hitler did not; remember lessons of history if you do not want to be retaught). Of lighter ones, for instance, the ill-famed (and minded) Jackson-Vanik amendment ridiculously remained in force simce 1974 till 2012.

Do you still think the world is monopolar, as it suddenly happened in 1991? Take care, people.

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