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Value of Their Words

A photo to have a good start, a kind of preface.

Ukrainian battalion commanders teteruk, Bereza and Semenchenko with Senator McCain

It's a still from a Ukrainian TV report on the visit to the USA of some Ukrainian figures back in 2014. Here the old fart Senator John McCain is surrounded by three Ukrainian battalion commanders: Andriy Teteruk (battalion Mirotvorets, that is Peacemaker), Yuri Bereza (Dnipro-1),  and Semen Semenchenko (Donbas).

And now an introduction follows: a video of Senator James Inhofe presenting photographs to the Senate on Wednesday, February 11, of what he said were Russian tanks in Ukraine.

What a surprise! Who could imagine! At least some of the images the Ukrainian delegation gave to US senators as proofs of Russian invasion in Ukraine turned out to be fake. Senator Jim Inhofe decided to publish the photographs he had shown to Senate, evidently in an attempt to speed up the law on delivery to Ukraine of letal weapons. As a result, The Washington Free Beacon feels fooled now.

Well, the images are not 100% fake, because the images do depict a Russian invasion. What makes the difference is the fact the Russians are invading South Ossetia back in August 2008, to defend the region from the treacherous aggression of the ill-famed Saakashvili, then President of Georgia.

The Beacon proudly announced, after Jim Inhofe:
New photographs exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon reveal that Russian military forces have been more involved in the arming and training of Ukrainian separatist forces than previously disclosed.
The often-gruesome photographs clearly display Russian troops entering Ukraine with advanced military hardware and weapons, including tanks and advanced infantry fighting vehicles.
Here are a couple of the images in question, as given by Mr. Senator:

An image of 2008 depicting Russian armored vehicles in Ossetia. Another image of 2008 depicting Russian armored vehicles in Ossetia.

Mr. Senator is a bit outdated, he seems to be unable to use Google, yet those who are able did the job. Let's look at an old issue of The Sun...

Original image No.1 as appeared in "The Sun" in 2008.
Russian heavy armoured vehicles in the Ardon Valley , Russia, heading towards the Georgian border and South Ossetia on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2008. Russia sent hundreds of tanks and troops into the separatist province of South Ossetia and bombed Georgian towns Saturday in a major escalation of the conflict that has left scores of civilians dead and wounded.
AP Photo / Mikhail Metzel

As for the second one, I've found it in hires (3504x2336), quite a nice wallpaper even for HUGE screens! Not only it is interesting that I've found it on a Ukrainian web site, but with full unmanipulated original IPTC data. Here it goes:
A column of Russian armored vehicles moving in the direction of Russia's North Ossetia, are seen on the outskirts of Tskhinvali, Georgia's breakaway province of South Ossetia, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008. Russian forces left parts of Georgia on Friday as part of a cease-fire deal. (AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel)
By the way, looks like English is not the native tongue of the captuon writer to the image, someone cyphered as MM WS**LON**. I see something strange in "A column ... are seen", don't you? We can even see that the Associated Press considers the image was taken in Tskhinvali of Georgia (at least considered so at the time of uploading the image). Though it is Tskhinval, the capital of the partially recognised Republic of South Ossetia that declared its independence from Georgia back in 1991.

Let's go on further.

Rosie Gray of the BuzzFeed published "the list of names of the people who [had] provided the misleading photos" to the Inhofe's office:

The list of those Ukrainians who gave fake proofs and fooled senators.

Out of 11 people here we see 3 newly elected members of the Ukrainian parliament, including one (the first one in the list) commander of Donbas punitive battalion that takes part in the so called Anti-Terrorist Operation, which in fact is an act of the state terrorism Kiev has been unsuccessfully conducting against people of South-West Ukraine since April 2014. Moreover, it is not stated in the list, but parliament members Teteruk and Bereza are also ATO battalion commanders. The rest have noble positions as well. And there's one American professor whose carrier is now, when the scandal exploded, apparently questioned.

Spit in a whore's face and she'll say it's raining. The Ukrainian regime once again has proved unacceptably low value of their words, yet Senator Inhofe goes strong:
This doesn’t change the fact that there is plenty of evidence Russia has made advances into the country with T-72 tanks and that pro-Russian separatists have been killing Ukrainians in cold blood.
Once again the proofs of Russia's advances into Ukraine turned fake; doesn't matter, there is plenty! Especially in Facebook, sure.

And the question remains: if there is no Russian aggression in Ukraine, what for did die all these men whose remains depicted in the rest graphic images Senator Inhofe published?

As it was in the beginning, is now. But if this shit shall be for ever, I am afraid world is with end.

I remember a story from the end of WW2. When the Red Army liberated Majdanek and took Treblinka, destroyed by Nazis, in July 1944, the allied powers did not believe those 'red bolsheviks'; the Germans just could not be like that and commit such atrocities, they were kind of bad as Hitlerites, but at the same time they were civilized Europeans. And only in April 1945, when the allies took Bergen-Belsen, they saw with their own eyes the bottom of hell on Earth. And discovered that Moscow told the truth about nazism.

Moscow tells the truth about nazism, still. I hope, bid and pray it won't be late to discover it again.

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