Sunday, February 01, 2015

Will the Night Fall?

A brilliant documentary has recently been released: "The Night Will Fall", directed by André Singer on the base of unfinished documentary project of Sidney Bernstein.

75 minutes that, in my sincere opinion, should be obligatory for all people on Earth.

People should be aware that hell happens on Earth from time to time, and mankind has to pay a high price each time to destroy it. Lectures of the past should never be forgotten, if we do not want the history to repeat its classes.

I have found also versions: DutchGerman, Italian, and Polish.

Why now? The Guardian says,
The hell of the Holocaust rises again in this remarkable account of how Britain’s army film unit commissioned producer Sidney Bernstein to make a documentary record of the Nazi death camps, using horrific footage pouring in from the liberation of Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Auschwitz and elsewhere. He employed Alfred Hitchcock as a supervising director. Yet the film, austerely entitled German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, was never completed: Bernstein was stonewalled by political authorities nervous of the growing Zionist movement and in need of Germany as a postwar anti-Soviet ally.
Look: the anti-Soviet ideology (based mostly on misconceptions and lies, skillfully seasoned by Goebbels-kind propaganda for mass consumption) became an unpenetrateable obstacle for the truth of Nazi atrocities. No wonder at all.

By the way, for many Russian 'liberals' it will be a real discovery to learn that in the UK films could also rest on shelves for years. In this particular case the almost finished by Bernstein film waited close to 70 years.

In fact, there is one more documentary that should be included in the list of must see films of all students. That is Mikhail Romm's "Common Fascism" of 1965. I know it was released in the USA as "Triumph Over Violence" and in the UK as "Echo of the Jackboot".

Unfortunately, I've failed to find a copy with either English narration or at least titles; keeps only Russian version available for viewing or downloading at various resolutions. In case you find one, let me know, I add the link.

Because these films are to be seen by all people, whether they wnat it or not. Just like vaccines of humanism.
Unless the world learns the lessons these pictures teach, night will fall. But, by God’s grace, we who live will learn.

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