Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Map of Hell

Using Google Map resource, some volunteers of Donetsk have created and are constantly adding data to a map of shelling and bombing sites of Donetsk region.

Here it is.

Here is a couple of screenshots made at various scales:

A screenshot of map depicting shelling sites in Donetsk and its region. An enlarged view of shelling sites in Dontesk part adjacent to the Airport.

Enlarged one is of the district adjacent to the Donetsk Airport (there's its taxiway, top left).

I am not sure the map opens for you in English, so what you have to know is:

Donetsk = Донецк

All capital leters in italic are names of districts of the city of Donetsk or Donetsk Oblast.

At present they've collected data for the period since September 4, 2014 to January 16, 2015.

You a welcome to check yourself that Anti-Terroristic Operation carried on by the Kiev/Kyiv regime since before Poroshenko was elected as president (by the way, who does remember now he promised to finish the ATO in just days?) in fact is a countinuous act of state terrorism against civilian population of their own country, effected illegally using all armed forces including army, that according to their constitution has no right to carry on warfare without declaring the war state, let alone shooting at own population.

You are free to see that all their statements regarding 'pro-Russian separatists and terrorists' shelling their own houses is a total bullshit. Because the Ukrainian state supported by the USA and the official EU carries own a true bloody civil war. But they cannot win, as the people cannot lose; the people either win or die, tertium non datur.

Just open your eyes and see. It is the 21st century.

Europe (geographically; though those maidan jumpers would like to go to Europe still farther, evidently, to better spread their nazi ideas of national supremacy).



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