Saturday, January 31, 2015

Beautiful Glories of Russia

Well, one more good reason — or, formally, three beautiful reasons! — to be a proud Russian!

Here is what I call a perfect (well, as close to as possible) free skating:

So today there are all grounds to exclaim: Glory to Russia!

This is how countries are supposed to glorify themselves.

PS: All these beautiful girls are Russian, but at the same time:
Liza Tuktamysheva is a Russian Udmurt (or Votyak) from Glazovo, now living in St. Petersburg;
Lena Radionova born in Moscow to Russian parents, descending from Donetsk;
Anna Pogorilaya born in Moscow as well, and her parents came to Moscow from Kharkov (and her family name does sound Ukrainian to Russian ears).
Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of Mother Russia is her multi-ethnical composition: one our great nation includes more than 180 'nationalities'.

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