Wednesday, March 04, 2015

As Bad As the Soviets?

A screenshot of the Spigel article about the US raping army.
The Spiegel has published a very special article.


Sorry for my French. Or Greek.

Doesn't matter.

It took them years to convince the world the hordes of mongoloid Russian Untermenschen were bad as hell, having raped about two millions of German women. Oh shit, those Russians raped everything that moved irregarding the age, whether she was 10 or 70.

Goebbels started it in 1944, and, well, about 60+ years latter it was considered as some evil truth: the evil Red Army came from the East to rape Germany. Well, some still remember why the Red Army came to Germany; I've even heard some voices "justifying" those rapes as a kind of "fucking revenge" for what Germany had committed in the USSR. It is just a question of time; one or two generations more, and the Westerners will be taught in schools he USSR was the aggressor that unleashed the WW2.

And, WTF!?
Quite of a sudden it turns out that (some of ) the GIs were also rapists! Who could thought the brave GIs are just the same, are just that humane (or, for the matter, inhumane) as the Red Army mongoloids, that raped about 2 million German women according to the civilised world Goebbels-esque data.

Well, anyhow, it was Germany, and vae victis, you know. What about France, that was not conquered, but — officially — liberated? Moreover, liberated by those who in no case could be considered as belonging to a breed of Russian mongoloid hordes.

Mary Louise Roberts told the story in her book "What Soldiers Do. Sex and the American GI in World War II France". She found that in France 152 GI's were sentenced for rapes, 29 of which were hung. The very nature of the crime allows us to suppose it was just the very top of a much greater iceberg. By the way, 139 of those 152 were black Americans.

By many allied soldiers France was considered kind of a one big brothel; and Germany was the inhuman enemy deserving nothing but the very worst.

And, finally, are you sure you know the truth now? Hell no, not at all. You know just the bullshit you were supposed to "know" by those who take decisions how the world must live.

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