Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Transnational Disease of Ignorance

When you catch those people on spot, they make their eyes wide open saying that doesn't matter.

It does, though.

We support our (US) troops! Here's a good old Soviet T-34-85 in decent condition for them! Someone stole the frontal machine gun, but look at brand-new wheels: the tank is surely from the post-WW2 production series, that is real high quality.


A Russian designer wanted to express the "Russian style" for a T-shirt print. (S)he took a red star (good), a red hammer-&-sickle (well, not that bad), big white capital letters (acceptable) and... WTF???!!! a Hugo Schmeisser's Sturmgewehr (StG) 44. Anyhow, the side-view looks almost just like the intended AK-47... Say it does, and get a deep disrespect from me, because the only thing they share in common is being assault rifles!

One more masterpiece leaflet designed several years ago for Vladimir regional division of the One Whole Russia party to celebrate February 23, which is in Russia the Day of Fatherland Defender.

Iowa, Abrams, F16... Though, the helicopter and soldiers are Russian, indeed.

In my opinion, such careless jobs are first of all signs their 'creators' have no respect to themseves, let alone people around. People can be ass-handed and some surely are; but if an empty head is added you cannot expect a somehow worthy result.

People, take real care of your business!

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