Saturday, March 21, 2015

Woe Is the Land of Gen. Scales

Let me speak from my heart: I have honour to consider ex-US Army Major General Robert H. Scales a dumb fuck, a purulent lues, and a pure great shame of America.

Listen to and watch what this brave, yet retired warmonger shits out of his dirty mouth (go straight to 3:17).

I transcript his words for those who still don't believe their eyes and ears.
... The only way the United States can have any effect in this region [Ukraine/Donbass] and turn the tide is start killing Russians. Killing Russians by… Killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to their motherland in body bags...
I don't know how he got his stars. I don't know what he was taught at West-Point and if he had a course of world's history there (or anywhere else).

But the truth is that Americans do have already a certain experience of killing Russians.

Captured Red Army soldiers guarded by US troops in Arkhangelsk, 1918.
Captured Red Army soldiers guarded by US troops in Arkhangelsk, 1918.
The USA took part in the inernaional military inervention in Russia after the October Revolution, during our Civil War, in 1918—1920. For many years local people remembered US men as cruel animals, drunkards and rapists. The white men's burden was quite a bit too heavy for them.

No pity at all that some of them fertilized the Russian soil with their bodies.

Siberian graves of American soldiers.

When that inervention came to its fameless end, there were hopes for a better life. There were even when Hitler attacked the USSR — and we, The USSR and the USA, fought the common enemy together. How bright there were hopes of common people in both great countries...

Unfortunately, wealthy guys from Washington did not plan any peaceful cooperation and friendship of nations. Instead, they unleashed the cold war. War is way more profitable than peace, you know; if there is no hot one, a cold one will do.

In fact, it was not over with the collapse of the USSR; it was just a break in the cold warfare. Because it was just covered with an anti-Soviet veil, being in its very essence anti-Russian.

What can I add to the aforesaid theses.

We do not (and have never been) afraid of those who declare intention to kill us. In the course of time many came to try their luck in this business. So we Russians attended Paris once, and as for Berlin, it had to welcome Russian troops three times. Tartars, Poles, French, Germans... However strong our enemies were, they could have only more or less temporary successes. In the end Russia wins. Always. No exclusions provided.

We know ways; we are strong enough to destroy even the most potential enemy — just like Hitler was with his first version of the European Union (you are welcome to check the stats how many nations were among Wehrmacht and allied soldiers captured by the Red Army during the war). Thus, by the way, the EU also is not the proper entity for Russia to be afraid of.

Our problem is that we do forgive our enemies. As for the last WW, after all the Germans had done in the USSR one could expect the Red Army men would shoot dead all, each and every German that appeared in their sights. Germany had every right to expect from us being demolished and burnt out to the ground totally with its population. But, happy bastards our enemies are, that's we Russians who are humans. We do not revenge; we let them live. Just ask the Germans. Or ask yourselves how comes that these Germans still exist. We are just too kind for this world. We leave even such scoundrels like these two Wehrmacht heroes:

Well, the history tends to develop in a spiral way. Now some war hawks want to inervene, and openly discuss the necessity of killing Russians again.

I feel pity for America, really. I am ashamed as a human being. If this great power relies in decision-making on such military analysts as Robert H. Scales — who on Earth can await wise and smart actions from the White House.

Does mankind need a new Hitler (or, for the matter, invasion of some cruel aliens from above) for the great powers to unite in solving real problems standing in front of our tiny little Earth, home of little stupid human beings, our home?

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