Monday, March 30, 2015

Questions Without Answer

Screensho of a FB post of Rauf Kubaev, Russian author, producer and director of Uzbek descent.
I've just come across an interesting FB post by Rauf Kubaev*. Here goes my translation of it.
There is no answer to me.
How did it turn out so that the bloody — without irony — Soviet regime had brought up the whole generations of decent people?
How did it turn out that the most brutal power generated the whole generations of conscientious, sympathetic, tolerant to other races and religions people?
How did this dark substance — the Soviet power — influence minds and conscience, that the definition "a Soviet person" had no relation to actual Soviet power?
Why did we remain people under the bloody — without irony — regime, and now, at total freedom, we turned into animals?
Why do we prefer to show the Soviet animated films to [our] children, while trying not to show the modern ones?
I have no answer.
Quite a good questions on the way to realize the very essence of the Soviet period of Russian history. The next steps would be question if the Soviet power was that bloody and brutal and dark in essence, at least (or even especially!) in comparison with other contemporary powers. A good question would also be, what are totalitarianism and democracy, and how totalitarian was the Soviet regime at differemt stages of its existence in comparison with other 'democratic' regimes of past and present.

Anyhow, this is just the right way to real knowledge: to ask deep and serious questions and to logically find true and unbiased answers.

*) Rauf Kubaev is a Russian novellist, screenwriter, director and producer of Uzbek descent. Being born in 1956 in Bukhara (the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR, now the Republic of Uzbekistan), in 1989 he moved to Moscow, and later entered to and graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Since 1993, he took part in production of some popular movies and pretty successful TV-series. In my opinion, he is kind of a splinter of the true Soviet national intelligentsia, that was brought up across the whole USSR.

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