Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Fire an Afro-Latino Gay Activist?

A screenshot of Daily MAil Online publicationd about TV host Figueroa being fired for indecent words about Michelle Obama.You have just wait till he says something indecent about Michelle Obama, the Daily Mail explains.

Neither being gay, nor being civil activist protecting minorities' rights, nor being a (once) respectable award-winning TV host can prevent you from losing your 17 years long carriere if you say something that the White House hosts dislike.

I wonder:

1. Will we see a kind of "JesuisFigueroa" campaign over there?

2. What would happen in case Rodner Figueroa made some comment of he like regarding some Jewish-American personality? Some WASP American personality? Some native American personality? Some Chinese or Japanese one (both American and 'homeland')? What reaction would be if he joked about the Russian first lady? Well, in fact I know Putin is divorced, so let the question be abut the first man? Or the German Chancellor, the first lady of herself? Does there exist a list of "sacred cows" American journalists have no right to touch somehow negatively? Can I have honest answers, please?

3. In Russia, saying that Putin's bad means nothing special for your carriere. Oppo journalists and bloggers call him a thief, a killer, they blame him of all sins of mankind since creation, using words usually marked as "parental advisory", and who cares? Looks like we in Russia are way more democratic and tolerant indeed.

In his farewell letter Rodner Figueroa writes: "I am a decent person, but a human in the end that makes mistakes like this one."

My English is surely not perfect; for me this juxtaposition between a person and a human sounds a bit oddly. Anyhow, whether you are a person or a human, remember: in the land of the free and the brave there are mistakes unforgivable even for award-winning gays of Afro-Latin descent.

Hasta la vista, Mr. Figueroa.

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