Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Mark Book of the 21st Century

Have a look at the spread of a mark book of a pupil. What makes the difference is that this is a mark book of a pupil attending school in Donetsk (unacknowledged Donetsk People Republic/DNR, Novorossiya).


A teacher glued a small piece of paper onto the left page, under the Monday cell. It reads:

11.2014 a talk has been carried out...

And a bigger sheet onto the right page.

Read it thoroughly. Understand it. This is the 21st century, November, 2014. This is Europe.

Rules of Conduct During Artillery Shelling
1. Do not run if explosions are near. Fall on the ground and cover your head with hands — this is the best way to rescue.
2. During shelling at an open space, a ditch or any recess in the ground can serve as a shelter. Having found such a shelter, do not leave it until the shelling is ceased.
3. Any protrusion of the ground, or concrete blockage, or mound will do. It is not recommended to hide in basements of dwellings; there is a high risk to remain under debris.
4. It is recommended to stay away from machinery, cars, fire dangerous and explosive objects.
5. Modern buildings which are insufficiently rigid yet contain plenty of windows, glass cases and glass elements, are extremely dangerous.
6. Do not seek safety in water, river, lake or any other reservoir. After an accidental shell or bomb blast a shock wave of extreme strength will be expanding, leading to a heavy hydraulic shock (the principle of TNT fish stunning).
7. It's strongly recommended to wait through the shelling with your ears tightly closed with hands and slightly opened mouth to control pressure.
These are fruits of the so called "Revolution of Dignity" (which was not a revolution in any case and had nothing to do with dignity) the children of Eastern Ukraine, that is Novorosiya, are enjoying. This is what the so called 'civilized world' led by the USA and EU was for, helping the Ukrainian putschists to overthrow Yanukovich's "tyranny".

God save your children from such a dignity.

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