Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What Did Happen in Ukraine?

What did happen in Ukraine?

Why I laugh at the definition 'Revolution of Dignity' and consider the Ukrainian 'Maydan' (or 'Euromaydan') a total bullshit and even a coup d'état?

Try to use your sober mind and detract from biased one-sided russophobic propaganda that is traditional for the Western world for centuries.

Spend 26.5 minutes and watch a Goblin's video. It has perfect English, German, and even simplified Chinese and Ukrainian titles.

It was uploaded 9 months ago, yet the things have not changed since — at least to a better side.

More than 3 million people have already watched it, but it is not late to discover... well, if not truth (I do not intend to change your state of mind in no time), then at least a well grounded — and different — point of view.

Understanding requires some brainwork, you know. And... you just cannot escape it if you want to live in peace.

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