Friday, December 26, 2014

Dmitry 'Goblin' Puchkov: Int'l Community Says About Donbass Only Things Profitable For Them

An author, movie translator and Internet-based political writer Dmitry Puchkov, wider known under his alias Goblin, in his pre-New-Year interview to LuganskInformCenter explained his vision of situation in Lugansk and ways out of the crisis.

How do you estimate reaction of the international community to Donbass events of the passing year?

Everything was how it's supposed to be: the 'international community', i.e. a group of countries headed by the USA, prepared first, and then conducted a coup d'état in Ukraine. When it turned out that not all citizens of Ukraine agreed with the results of the putsch, a civil war was started in Ukraine under the guidance of the USA. Well, and further active support to the putschists seated in Kiev, complete defiance of the civil war and humanitarian catastrophe in the Donbass region. Quite a predictable reaction, for this very 'international community' talks only about that's profitable for them. And only then, when it's profitable.

What do you think the Russian civil society could do for the quickest possible settlement of the humanitarian problems in Donbass?

The Russian civil society first could begin to solve humanitarian problems of Donbass. At the given moment the state acts in a somehow strange way, and the citizens cannot consolidate without the state's assistance. It's quite enough to conduct a pair of [charity] telethones on some central TV channels, and quite a consideranle assistance can be rendered to Donbass people. And then [it's important] to assist them regularly.

What would you wish to the people of the Lugansk region for the coming 2015?

First of all I wish to the people of Lugansk that the war is stopped. And then everything by the schedule: let everything settle down, let everybody have job, let the children go to schools in peace. Big luck to you in the New Year!

Dmitry Puchkov (alias Goblin) is an iconic Russian translator, author, Internet-based political writer, and cultural figure. A member of the Social Council at the Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation.

Translated by Vladimir Samarin, that is me, the blog's author.
Originally published in Russian by LuganskInformCenter — December 26 — Lugansk

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