Monday, December 22, 2014

George Stinney & Dialectics of Good and Evil

Good news for the Americans; at least, for the Afro-Americans.
Calling it a “great and fundamental injustice,” a South Carolina judge on Wednesday vacated the 1944 murder conviction of 14-year-old George J. Stinney Jr., the youngest person executed in the United States in the last century.
I doubt one can blame Josef Stalin of this injustice, though he is widely known as a bloodthirsty tyrant who killed his people, both the young and the old.

Hey, America, how can it be this way? And, by the way, Wikipedia includes only the cases that got publicity. I wonder how the land of the brave, the land that is proud enough to teach the rest of the world democracy and justice, to be that unfair? Using those honest all-white juries of the time?

It looks like people should be very, very careful while deciding to trust statements of the US officials.

It was Ronald Reagan, who said once, using a Russian proverb (he called that a 'maxim', which basically is not a misinterpretation) as a base: trust but verify (доверяй, но проверяй).

Yet this maxim is universal; you should definitely consider Reagan's own statement of 1983, when he called the USSR an 'evil empire', using this very maxim as a base.

Verify it. And I bet if you are talking not to some NGO leaders living on USA or EU grants, the response will be absolutely not that black-and(or)-white.

The USSR was definitely not the best state in the world. However, there were (and is) no single best and/or worst one! There were white, good sides of any social system; there were black ones as well.

Just like the house in which I spent a considerable part of my life.

It is illuminated at some sides at night, yet at some other sides it is not illuminated. Those enlightened sides look bright and decorated, though dark ones look black and evil.

Yet this is one and the same house, and under bright sunshine you won't find any difference between illuminated and non-illuminated sides.

Don't forget of dialectics, if one tells you of something being black. Or evil, for that matter.

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