Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, Moscow

The passing year endfully passes!

Moscow is dreaming and sleepy. The one and only night in a year. The night of December 31.

Junction of the Leningradsky Ave. (Prospekt) and Tverskaya Street is NEVER so empty.
Except for the New Year's night.
By the way, Metro (subway/underground) signs are mostly decorated — and that's really good here!

Here: top of the entrance to Belorusskaya (radial) Metro station.
So the New Year is quickly approaching. I am happy to announce, that finally I was lucky enough to find the New Year tree top in the form of red star, just like I was happy to see in my childhood.

Yeah: this is the New Year's tree of my home.
Happy New Year to all of you! Let it be at least better than the previous one.

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