Monday, December 22, 2014

What Is Transparency in Policy?

In my personal opinion, it is what our President Putin has been doing for years.

Recently, on December 18, he gave his regular annual press conference to local and foreign press. It lasted more than 3 hours (in the video it starts at abour 17:55).

More than three hours of constant Q&A's from often opposing press — and, by the way, without any teleprompter. Vladimir Putin just remembers names, dates, figures from home and foreign policy and economy. He does his job really good. And as far as I remember it was his 10th press conference of the kind.

I wonder, can you imagine Obama, Hollande, Merkel or any other big state boss in this position? I do doubt. As one of political bloggers put it,
The closest thing western countries have to what we saw today in Moscow is Jen Psaki’s State Department press briefings, which are more stand up comedy, than intelligent discussion.
And having seem some Psaki things I have to agree.

So I doubt there are people around who are capable of teaching us democracy, freedom and transparency. Whanna teach us? Physician, heal thyself first.

Don't envy, and then learn from us what transparency is, and how should a state leader do to enjoy 80+ per cent support of his people.

A don't know if there is a complete translation of the recent Putin's press conference; the biggest I have found so far (yet not full) is here.

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