Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Frau Merkel Tries to Lecture Russia

Die Welt has recently published a hu-u-uge interview with Angela Merkel titled "Will You Conduct a War Against Russia, Mrs Merkel?"

My knowledge of German is good enough to read and understand it.

Frau Merkel tries to seem a strong leader of a major European state and economy, acting on her own and to the benefit of the state she leads. She tries to give names to things and to lecture Russia how our Motherland should behave.

Yet in fact Merkel acts like a puppet. Evidently, because she is one — in the hands of great master of puppets, namely Mr. President of the USA. Asking her to wake up is totally useless; puppets just cannot do another way.

By the way, recently the Germans celebrated the 25th anniversary of destruction of the Berlin wall. Not an official word of thanks to Russia! Seems they forget the one single reason for the wall to be broken. It was broken not just because President Reagan wanted it and verbally encouraged Germans to do so.

We, the great Soviet Union through the lousy mouth of Gorbachev allowed them, that's why.

If they are so quick to forget what happened 25 years ago, how can we hope they remember the Helsinki Act of 1975, let alone the lessons of the WW2?

By the way, let's leave these puppets Germans alone; whether you are in the US or Europe or somewhere else, do you remember these things or know what they were about?

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