Friday, December 12, 2014

Russian World

From an abundant russophobic propaganda, especially inspired by the new Ukrainian authorities which use russophobia as their state ideology, you could come to quite a perversed idea of what is called the 'Russian World'. It's absolutely not about vodka, bears, devastation, vatniks* and any other kind of delirium.

For me, personally, it's more like that.

This is an announcement that appeared recently near elevators' doors in the apartment house I live in.

The announcement reads:
Low-income dwellers of our house can order a free transportation of oversized cargoes during working hours (10:00 to 18:00) or at cut rates during off-hours by agreement with the van driver Stepan (cell. phone number).
President of Group of Companies X, web address
Family name, Name, Patronymic
Boss of Centre Y, web address
Family name, Name, Patronymic
Respecting privacy of all concerned persons, I have masked personal data; besides, it's just for some dwellers of one particular house in Moscow.

Yet this is the way businesses that rent some rooms in our house cooperate with our in-house community. And such things are not unique here in Moscow, here in Russia.

And this is just a tiny little part of the Russian World.

I do hope you'll be lucky to know it better with my assistance.

* Please be so kind to read the footnote to this post.

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