Sunday, January 25, 2015

As Seen by a Forensic Psychiatrist

I'd like to tell everybody who speaks about "deceived, zombified Ukrainian military and inhabitants of Ukraine"; who believes they "need time to get it", "to be able to sort through the political situation" and so on; I'd like to tell you that all you are indirectly guilty of the bloodshed in Donbass. You excuse the Ukrainian murderers and their accomplices referring to their mental disability they have not. You say the boy (being 20 or 40 years of age) was under a misapprehension and killed a woman with a baby in hands in their own home. And the mother of this boy was also under a misapprehension blessing him to kill... So was the military comissar... So was the driver who got him to the scene of crime...

You give a pardon to all these people, and doing so you prepare other Donbass mothers with babies in arms to be victims.

As a psychiatrist with 40 years of experience who have conducted tens thousands labour, military and forensic examinations I state that the references of the Ukrainian examinees to "being zombified, deceived" are apparent lie, malingering. It is believed that only people with heavy mental disorders, those who are found insane and incapable in court, are unable to sort through the political situation in their country. (Though some of these people are sorting through Ukrainian and world politics perfectly.) All the rest are not only able, but obliged to sort good from evil. This is their duty. Especially when there are rivers of blood in the country. A delusion, whether true or imaginary, does not grant a discharge.

I remember Ivan Karamazoff rejected the supreme harmony bought by a tear of just one fagged out child. What harmony do inhabitants of Ukraine buy having come to Donbass from Zhitomir, Lviv and having killed a hundred our children? Having torn by shells bodies of one, three, five, ten years old children? In arms of their mothers, and in front of their fathers? Weren't they obliged to solve the problem of goal and means correlation before shooting? Before sending and blessing to kill?

Consequently, all those who came to Donbass by order of the Ukrainian government, who take part in oppressing the will of Donbass people, who light-mindedly deny the results of our referendums, who compose fairy tales of the Russian aggression, who avert their eyes from numerous videos where the Donbass people does not just say but cries of his choice, giving names to his murderers; all those who consider these to be "staged footages" have taken a conscious decision and are obliged to have charge of it. This is the decision they made after weighing "pro" and "contra". They had thousands of already dead Donbass inhabitants and tens thousands of destroyed houses in one scalepan, while in the other one there were profits (material and psychologic) they would get from participation in this Ukrainian-American project. They use lies spreading by the Ukrainian mass media to cover up their profits.

All the Ukrainian military who came to Donbass had made their choice. It was that they put their personal profit higher than lives of the Donbass people. It is easier for them to kill a Donetsk mom with a child with a cannon than lose their job or freedom for a year or two.

On the one hand I feel sorry for those thrown into this dilemma by their state. Yet on the other hand the Ukrainian people voted for the government themselves, while Donbass people rejected to vote. I do hate people being ready to kill children in order to keep their social position. I would better spend a life sentence in prison than shoot at unarmed compatriots and destroy their houses. There is no such a goal for the sake of which I, an inhabitant of Donetsk, would shoot at a house where a mother is breast-feeding her infant.

It seems that people were brought up in a different way in other cities of Ukraine. In Nikolayev and Kiev they eat already babies and drink their blood — symbolically still, yet already unprosecutedly.

© Ivan Donetsky, 2015

Translation © Vladimir Samarin (that's me, the blog's author)
Original publication in Russian, made on January 24, 2015.
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