Thursday, January 08, 2015

"Soviet Invasion in the Ukraine and Germany"

Yesterday Arseny Yatsenyuk, pirme minister of the Ukrainian government, gave a short interview to the German TV channel ARD, program "Tagesthemen" (Issues of the Day). He came to Germany to meet Angela Merkel and, apparently, ask her for any possible, first of all financial assistance to withstand "the Russian aggression" and go on with the civil war.

Here it is, on the web site: Unfortunately, they have their own player, and on Youtube there is only full program. So, to start watching Yatsenyuk please go to approximately 20:29.

Among slightly less than 6.5 minutes of big and small lies and pure anti-Russian propaganda there (if you don't understand fluent German, you have to believe me; I am not going to translate the full set of BS he delivered to German ears) was one shocking phrase that caught me immediately (at about 21:42, or about 01:07 on the German site).

At first I just could not believe my ears, yet it was like that; the Germans, to their utmost surprise, heard the same words. Mr. Yatsenyuk said to the German interviewer:
Wir können uns alle sehr gut an den sowjetischen Einmarsch in die Ukraine und in Deutschland erinnern. Das muss man vermeiden. Keiner hat das Recht die Ergebnisse des 2. Weltkrieges neu zu schreiben.
We all can remember very good the Soviet invasion in the Ukraine and Germany. This is to be avoided. No one has the right to write the results of the WW2 anew.
How do you like it? Sapienti sat, or would you prefer me to add hereto some explanatory note?

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